VCHA – Girls of the Year

After creating a massive buzz with their presence in 2023, VCHA has officially kicked off the year with “Girls of the Year” that looks set to make them join an elite squad of rising stars. With representation at the heart of the collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Republic Records (mind you, two of the biggest record labels on either side of the ocean), the girls were picked from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and even ages.

The sextet hit the ground running, releasing four buzzing tracks that introduced the world to their sound almost immediately after their lineup was announced via the final episode of A2K – a competition series designed to seek out the best of the best to represent the “one of a kind” k-pop group.

We’re barely into 2024 and the girls are already promising fans that they’ll rule the year with their bubblegum anthem “Girls of the Year.” The song is filled with confidence-boosting lines, alongside an ultra-catchy melody that could actually cause one to develop an earworm.

It seems as though VCHA already had fans long before the thought of their formation happened because, at the moment, it feels like they’re coming out of the cracks to support something they’ve been waiting a long time for.

Who’s that girl we haven’t met?/Oh, she’s glowin’, drippin’ confidence,” they sing, describing their plans to exceed everybody’s expectations, something they made really clear in the lines: “Girls of the year / Yeah, that’s we / Something that you never thought we’d be.”

With a little rap thrown in, VCHA proves that they aren’t here to be a pretend K-pop group. They’re perhaps here to usher in a new generation, where the genre becomes a worldwide phenomenon. And if you’re wondering whether they’ve got the moves, well they’re so in synch *NSYNC may actually consider relinquishing their name to them.

Speaking to Billboard, 17-year-old VCHA member, Kendall, said of the track: “Girls of the Year” is such a statement, but to us, it really means to be able to become a group or someone that other people can proudly look up to. To be able to represent different communities is honestly such an honor because we all had people from our cultures or from our nationalities who we looked up to growing up and they made such a big impact on our lives. So, for us to possibly be able to grow into becoming those people for others is really what being a “girl of the year” would mean to us.”

The accompanying music video sees the girls alternate from being normal teenagers hanging out to actually performing in front of a big crowd of screaming fans. Very little would bet against these girls.