The Kid LAROI – Heaven

In the latest single “HEAVEN,” The Kid LAROI unpacks his mental baggage for perhaps the last time on his debut album, THE FIRST TIME. However, this time, there’s a bit of light creeping through. Perhaps not light enough to see, but just enough to hope for the dawn.

The track, which is set to appear on the deluxe version of THE FIRST TIME, was first previewed to the public in a 12-second snippet shared on the Gadigal-born artist’s Instagram account. The Kid LAROI may just be ringing in his 20th year – and yes, that’s still quite young even if you think 17 is the new 70 and stuff – but he’s been through a lot of diverse traumatic experiences and honestly, most of us don’t get to witness that much in a lifetime. So, when he talks about pain, he knows.

When I first listened to “HEAVEN,” the first thought I had was that it’s a scarcely produced song due to its sparse instrumentals, but in this case, less is more. It allowed The Kid LAROI’s voice to command more attention, and he did a mighty fine job conveying the lyrics’ sadness with his vocals. “They told me that they miss the old me, I don’t / Unholy, Lowlife, and lonely, I know,” he sings of the situation his life was in before he met someone who inspired him to want to live. “’Cause I was reckless, drinking every night / And gettin’ high, nothin’ there behind my eyes / I was numb inside, and I can’t believe that I / Even stayed alive ’til you walked up in my life and now.”

Someone can cause you to change your perspective on life, and that’s what “Heaven” is all about. It’s a deeply touching song about finding that spark that makes you want to keep living, even amid all the pain and trauma.

On January 23rd, The Kid LAROI teased the single with fans on Instagram, writing, “’HEAVEN’ comes out in 2 days. this one’s super personal for a lot of different reasons. it’s about evolving and leaving the past behind. changing the way you once thought and perceived the world. growing up! I don’t wanna ramble too much about it because it’s better if you just listen lmao but I wanna remind you that it’s never too late to be who you want to be and whatever you may be going through or feeling won’t last forever.. trust me!”

“HEAVEN” arrives two and a half months after the release of his debut album, which managed to enter the top 40 in both the US and UK.