Suki Waterhouse – OMG

Suki Waterhouse is officially in her sophomore album era with the release of “OMG.” The track sees the model, actress, and singer-songwriter search for who she used to be after surviving a toxic relationship.

In the track, Waterhouse mourns how easily she let a toxic partner have his way in her life, singing, “Oh my God / Take me back the way that I was / Oh my God / You know I only tried to play your games / So you cannot forget my name / You and I, are not the same / You always had it easy.”

The funky bassline, prominent drums and ‘90s-tinged guitars make this song as full and rich, and let’s not forget as sleazy, as we needed it to be. The fact that the chorus was so sweet and captivating lent it a confusing air: like, let’s dance along to a song about how someone ripped our hearts out.

Waterhouse delivered a lot of surprises for fans in its striking music video – and yes, we were granted glimpses of the growing baby bump. For the music video, Waterhouse enlisted the help of frequent collaborator Émilie Richard-Froozan to make something that’s as surprising and daring as the song itself. There’s a sweetness to the video, as we see Waterhouse prance around a garden of rich and colorful flowers. It’s almost like signaling bloom underneath all that heartbreak and sorrow.

The first verse holds the most sting of the entire song, as she sings, “People ask me what it’s like / Knowin’ you / And how I hold myself at night / Watchin’ you / Knowin’ how I lost myself/Wantin’ you / And how I always lose myself / Wantin’ you.” I think I can confidently say that only a survivor of a toxic relationship will feel the song in its truest sense – because if you’re still in a toxic relationship, chances are you’re still changing yourself to fit in. The real gift is having the power to walk away, and that’s why I can’t place “OMG” as any old heartbreak anthem.

“We started half the song and then put it to the side,” Waterhouse told Rolling Stone. “We were like, ‘It’s not working.’ And then two months went by and we were back in the studio, and suddenly this chorus came out with this energy around it.”

She continued: “It’s such an anxious state when I’m trying to put together a song, because you always feel like you are on the edge of something. It’s really about going against the intellect and into the instinct of the song. That’s what I find so fascinating about writing. It’s really the most tedious, delicate process, so dependent on whether you can get out of your own way that day.”