RIIZE – Love 119

The boys of RIIZE are back with their third official single, “Love 119,” and it is one that will no doubt get us out of the holiday slump and in the mood to start loving love again. It may seem like it’s a bit early, but February’s around the corner, just saying. “Love 119” is a bilingual pop dance song filled with soft piano riffs and vibrant chants that make it the perfect dance-worthy anthem to kick off the year with. The song’s bright energy is complemented with feel-good lyrics of first love and the confidence that often comes with that elevating feeling.

Stolen my heart that girl’s a killer / Love so good feels like a thriller,” the group powers through the song with the catchy chant, which we hear repeated throughout the song. “1-1-9 1-1-9 / Save my life save my life / She sets me free.”

I’d easily place RIIZE as one of the acts to watch out for in 2024. Since their debut in 2023, the group has gone on to break boundaries, accumulating over 50 million streams on Spotify in three months with just three songs. The group thrives on high-energy performances, and they’re not afraid to take this into the animated realm. Embracing all the modern and emerging sides of the music industry, RIIZE promises to stay ahead of the curve by introducing a new generation of singers who blend their artistry with virtual concepts. Even though I wouldn’t go as far as to call them the male versions of aespa, it’s clear that they’re boldly standing on the new frontier when it comes to how we, the fans, enjoy music. “Love 119” is a strong start to a year that may well be all about RIIZE.

The group recently teamed up with Chromeo on SM’s iScreaM series for “Get A Guitar,” which dropped on Friday, December 15th. The song saw the Canadian pop duo seamlessly infuse playful syncopation into every aspect of both the original and English versions of the track. This meant fans found something different to admire in both versions of the song. “Get A Guitar” was also a winner for the group, having hit No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart and ranking within the top 10 in 20 regions worldwide. Their debut has undoubtedly been a strong one, earning them praise from veteran music industry magazines, including Billboard and Rolling Stone.

Their achievements, however, have strayed beyond the world of music, as they were recently named Louis Vuitton’s new House Ambassadors.