Nxdia – She Likes a Boy

After teasing the song with fans in November last year, rising artist Nxdia finally released their latest single, “She Likes a Boy.”

Based in Manchester, the Egyptian-Sudanese singer-songwriter is slowly but surely cementing themselves as the independent alt-pop artist to closely keep your eyes peeled on. With the song dropping less than a week ago, “She Likes a Boy” has already nearly racked over 1 million Spotify streams and featured in more than 26,000 TikTok videos.

Cleverly switching between English and Arabic, the bilingual song has one of those choruses that stick in your head as Nxdia repeatedly sings, “She likes a boy! / She likes a boy! / She likes a boy! / She likes a boy! / (And) I’m not a boy! / I’m not a boy! / I’m not a boy!”

Serving as a relatable track, its lyrical content is about people who are still realizing their sexuality and/or gender identity while experiencing young unrequited love.

“I came across old diary pages where I’d written about my frustrations towards a girl friend who liked a boy, I must have been 13 or 14. I couldn’t believe looking back how obvious it was that I was queer! I wrote this song to and for my younger self, to tell them that in hindsight, with time –I understand that I just really liked this girl and wanted her to like me,” Nxdia said about the inspiration behind the anthemic song.

They continued: “These past few weeks have honestly been crazy… I can’t explain what it means to me as a middle eastern artist talking about a queer experience to be met with so much love, I’m so deeply grateful.”

In August last year, Nxdia released their debut EP, in the flesh. Their musical influences range from Paramore and My Chemical Romance to Dominic Fike and Stromae.

Stream “She Likes a Boy” below: