Maggie Lindemann – hostage

Maggie Lindemann is officially in her new era and “hostage” is the first taste fans get of it. It’s emotionally charged, it’s haunting, it’s Maggie Lindemann. In the new single, Lindemann describes a situation where you’re drowning and you know it, but all you can do is hope there’s a loved one you can cling to to stay afloat.

Hold me close when my voice gets shaky / Be patient with me,” she sings in the chorus, after describing the demons she’s battling with in the first verse.

There are truly interesting parts of the song, like when she sings “Whеn you’re next to me, and I take your hand / The fears let me go / When my mind feels lost, and you shelter me / Oh, it sets me free” in the second verse. The single’s press release describes the song as that devastating feeling that happens when you’re trapped in your own mind even though you’re in a better place in life and should be soaring. I think NF describes it as not being able to imagine who you’d be if you were happy.

On the new track, Lindemann states, “‘hostage,’ for me, is like peering through a window into my own mind. It’s about being caught in this strange limbo where everything around me, externally, is going well, but inside, there’s a relentless storm. The song is a cry for that person who can calm the turmoil inside me, a plea for solace amidst my own mental chaos. It’s raw and real – it’s a journey so many of us silently go through.”

As for the inspiration behind the video, Lindemann adds, “The ‘hostage’ music video is like a visual echo of my inner turmoil. Waking up in this empty, enigmatic house, I’m lost in a loop of my own nightmares. It’s a journey of frustration and isolation as I find myself trapped, trying to reach out to a world that just doesn’t respond. The video mirrors the song’s themes of feeling captive within your own mind, yearning for an escape. That Rapunzel moment? It’s a surreal, haunting representation of longing for a freedom that feels just out of reach.”

The music video is laid-back as we see Lindemann deal with the insecurities in her mind all by herself. During her SUCKERPUNCH era, she was praised for coming into her own and taking charge of her music. This control didn’t end in SUCKERPUNCH, as the singer-songwriter penned “hostage” all by herself, something that’s becoming rarer in music these days.

Judging from “hostage,” this new Lindemann era looks set to be loaded with tormenting songs, but they might actually make us breathe better by the end.