Lost Frequencies & Bastille – Head Down

Sometimes you don’t realize just how much you need an uplifting, energizing deep house track in January until music giants Lost Frequencies and Bastille come together with “Heads Down,” a song perfect to get you through the bluest month of the year. 

Lost Frequencies (Felix De Laet) is a Belgian DJ and producer who first reached widespread acclaim in 2014 with his hit “Are You With Me,” which topped the charts in 18 countries. This year, the famed producer has continued to enjoy international success with his third album All Stand Together, which included tracks like “Where Are You Now” feat. Calum Scott and “The Feeling.”

Bastille, on the other hand, is the British festival-perfect quartet who hit mainstream British success in 2012 with their fourth single, “Flaws.” Shortly after, they made their name on the international scene with the 2013 single ‘Pompeii’ and have continued to be one of the most popular names on UK festival lineups ever since. 

Released on January 3rd, 2023, “Head Down” is the perfect fusion of Lost Frequencies’ signature heart-capturing tropical house sound and Bastille’s alternative and euphoric approach to indie. So much so that on first listen, you’d swear this was a sole Bastille offering until you listen again, and all you can hear is that classic Lost Frequencies production we know inside out. The fusion is done so well that after a few listens, it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other. 

The song is described as “soul-opening and passionate, taking twists and turns of genteel keys and a deep, bold melody” as it tales of heartbreak and how life, no matter who you are, can knock you to the ground. But, in true Bastille style, that stark realism is met with a sense of potential: that things can get better. And, as Bastille’s Dan Smith sings, “You’re still young but know the best is yet to come, don’t hang your head down” before bassy synths take over, that summer optimism suddenly finds its place in the cold of January. 

For many, it might have come as a surprise to find this type of track released at the beginning of the year (particularly since both artists are so influential). But why have we subscribed to that type of thinking: that these rousing tracks only have their place in the summer? If anything, “Head Down” is just what we need to start the new year.