Liam Gallagher & John Squire – Just Another Rainbow

Oasis and The Stone Roses played pivotal roles in shaping the vibrant Manchester music scene. With Oasis’ contribution to Brit-pop and being a voice for the working-class youth, and The Stone Roses pioneering the Madchester sound, both bands left an undeniable mark on the city’s musical identity and placed Manchester firmly on the international map. Forever being a part of the city’s reputation for creativity, the music of Oasis and The Stone Roses continues to influence new generations, and in their unique ways, have been a staple in Manchester’s musical landscape and provide a sense of pride over the city that is here to stay. 

Fast forward to 2024, Gallagher and Squire team up for their latest single, “Just Another Rainbow.” Let’s not forget Squire’s appearance at Oasis’ iconic Knebworth shows in 1996, where he guested on the song “Champagne Supernova.” Many years later, Liam came back to that very same venue, but this time for his solo material. Squire came out again as a guest. 

With the blend of both their signature sounds, the highly anticipated track is what fans would expect. From the powerful delivery from Gallagher that cuts through the instrumentation, to Squire’s distinctive, melodic, and intricate riffs that contribute to the atmospheric and textured layer of the track, these two musicians were able to come together and show people what it is they do best. Hearing the distinctive voice of Gallagher and the artistic innovation that Squire explores, it is hard for anyone not to be transported back to the vibrant music scene of the ’90s. In Oasis, with his raspy vocals that epitomized the spirit of Britpop capturing the energy that defined the era perfectly. And the intricate guitar playing in The Stone Roses, Squire played a part in fusing alternative rock, pop, and dance influences, all of which were prominent sounds of the 90s. 

Having two iconic figures joining forces created a trip down memory lane for fans of the 90s scene, while also pushing the boundaries creatively. “Just Another Rainbow” saw them both bring their strengths to the table and produce a sound that transcends generations, offering a captivating blend of nostalgia and contemporary. It sparks the imagination of what more may be to come with these two. 

Squire incorporates melodic elements and chord progressions reminiscent of The Beatles’ innovative work, in particular their album, Revolver. Like George Harrison and his ability to play intricate melodies and the well throughout chord progressions, Squire is also able to do the same on “Just Another Rainbow.” With a band like The Beatles, who were not afraid to push musical boundaries, therefore contributing to the timelessness of their music, this is something that can be said for this track. The seamless collaboration where they both stand out on their own and also together evokes somewhat of the Lennon- McCartney dynamic. Gallagher and Squire create a unique synergy that continues to add to the ever-expanding rock and roll narrative.