Lewis Capaldi – Strangers

I need to start this review with a one-word exclamation: WOW. This song is getting me in all my feelings, and I mean all of them. If fans were waiting for a song that’ll help them deal with heartbreak, boy, Lewis Capaldi delivered with “Strangers.” The song finely describes a situation where two lovers go from being deeply in love to becoming strangers once more. And while anyone might argue that this subject has been treated several times in different songs by different artists, I’ll say we really needed “Strangers.”

We were strangers at the bar / They were playing “Wonderwall” / I overheard you say you hate this song / Next thing I knew, I’m walkin’ over,” Capaldi kicks off the piano-driven song, singing about the first time he met his would-be ex. He then went on to remember fond memories they made together, but “Soon enough, well, I found out you’re something I can’t live without / And, every time I close my eyes, I miss you.”

Capaldi’s songs are always known for their emotional depth and this one is no different. Softly, gently, as if waiting for a climax that never comes he tells us how he waited his whole life to “fall for someone like you” and now he’s left all alone picking up the pieces of himself.

Capaldi wrote the song – released on New Year’s Day – with Jordan K. Johnson, Michael Pollack and Stefan Johnson. “Strangers” is on the extended edition of his chart-topping album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent.

Prior to the release of “Strangers,” he announced the coming of the deluxe version of his second studio album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, complete with five brand new songs. He also told fans that he will continue to take a break from music to focus on his health. He promises to dive right back into doing what he loves best when he recovers. But the news isn’t all bitter, because he assured fans that he will use the time he’s spending out of the spotlight to pen more songs.

After thanking fans for the massively supportive reaction to his health news, he added, “This album was a scary one for me – if you saw the film I made on Netflix you probably know this already. But I was absolutely terrified of disappointing you all, afraid of not living up to expectations and in all honesty scared that the whole thing will be a complete flop. But thanks to all of you, it wasn’t.”