Jennifer Lopez – Can’t Get Enough

Jennifer Lopez is a girl who loves love and won’t back down just because people are turning her love life into something to laugh at. And yes, Lopez has enough sense of humor to share in the laughter as well, even if she’s the butt of the joke. “Can’t Get Enough” boldly captures the era Lopez aspires to be in for her ninth studio album, This Is Me…Now, and a bygone era inspires it – 2002’s This Is Me…Then when she and now-husband Ben Affleck were together.

Since rekindling their romance, Lopez has openly professed that the relationship made her believe deeply in second-chance love stories. So it’s possible that that frame of thought could be explored in the album. Okay, let’s talk about “Can’t Get Enough” – a song Lopez originally teased when she performed it at one of her weddings with Affleck.

The pop track carries feel-good messages of love and the elevating feeling it inspires, with Lopez singing in the pre-chorus: “When it feels right / Nothing else matters/Is this real life?”

Speaking on the song, Lopez said: “I love a love song, but I need something — and I kept saying this to them — that I can perform. So when we first heard this song, everyone just knew that this was the one to launch This Is Me…Now, it has an energy, it has a happiness to it, and you feel it all.”

Well, Lopez said she wanted a song she could perform and she got it. In the music video, Lopez broke out some of her most complicated dance moves during the reception of her wedding, only that this reception switches from one groom to another. The video is as light-hearted as the song, evident when Lopez throws her bouquet to the gathered crowd and someone tells a friend not to catch it because it’s cursed.

We don’t know whether that particular snarky remark was the brainchild of Affleck, but according to Lopez, he actively took part in the planning of the music video. She said: “Not that he’s ever really made videos or anything like that, but I just trust his opinion and his ideas. Nobody kind of knows my story or me more than he does. I really feel like he gets me and he understands me, obviously.”

I guess that, at the end of the day, Lopez is just trying to show us that failing in love and having the mind to try again is not a weakness. If you want to be once-bitten twice shy that’s okay. If you want to be thrice-bitten and still ride hard for love, that’s okay too. After all, as Lopez once sang, “What is love?