IVE – All Night (feat. Saweetie)

IVE’s first English-language track is a banger and it’s so good it might actually take a long time before we stop hearing it everywhere we turn. I think we’ve finally found this year’s “I’m Good” [David Guetta and Bebe Rexha] and it’s SO good. While this is not an original track – it’s actually a reimagined version of Swedish duo Icona Pop’s nostalgic 2013 song of the same name – the girls really delivered with their stunning vocals, and let’s not forget that biting Saweetie rap.

Reproduced by Grammy-winning producer Cirkut, who is known for working with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Katy Perry, IVE’s “All Night” is a dance-infused pop track that’s so sweet and catchy you can’t help but be lost in its infectious melody.

This song is the perfect feel-good song that would work perfectly as a soundtrack to your fun and happy moments. “We always dreamed about this better life, this better life / We always felt it coming all along, yeah, all along / We’ve got the keys to open paradise, yeah, paradise / Now let’s go walking hand in hand,” the girls sing in the first verse.

Just one listen and the chorus “We could do this all night / We could do this all night / Yeah, everything is alright,” is already playing on a loop inside your head. There’s a joy to reimagining and sampling music; it allows a whole new generation of music lovers to appreciate something from a time past. Rexha and Guetta’s “I’m Good” is one such example where an old song was given a new leash on life and was appreciated in new and fonder ways by a new audience and, perhaps even, the original audience.

To be sure, I didn’t know of Icona Pop’s “All Night” prior to IVE’s reimagining, but that doesn’t mean that the original was anything to sneeze at.

In the original music video, Icona Pop performs at a fashion/dance competition, where different people compete and are scored by the judges. The crowd is lively and bubbly and the fashion-forward dancers are stealing the show with their awesome moves.

For the new era “All Night,” IVE opted for a vibrant video that sees them walk into an office building with an IVE badge and discover that their to-do list will keep them working at the office until 8 a.m. However, the girls soon turn mundane work into an all-night party.

“You’ve reached the voicemail of IVE and Saweetie. We’re out of the office right now. You can try and leave us a message, but we may not get back to you,” we hear before the video blacks out.