“UNTOUCHABLE” serves as the lead single to ITZY’S second studio album BORN TO BE. The track is heavily influenced by elements of dance-pop and EDM, as the girls confidently sing about their admirable strength and resilience in the face of any challenges.

“UNTOUCHABLE” is a bilingual track driven by strong guitar sounds and ultra-catchy refrains. The heavy beat makes you want just to get up and dance, and that’s normally the beauty of an ITZY track. Their songs come imbued with the ability to make you want to nod more than just your head, and if your hands are in the air like you just do not care, well, at least you’re untouchable.

Heavy promotion was done for the track, with the girls doing various dance sequences, which were then shared on TikTok to maximize exposure and hopefully kickstart a challenge. The first teaser for the song arrived on January 4, featuring the quartet performing in a straight-line formation. This was then followed by multiple dance choreographies featuring different members of the group.

The group used the accompanying music video to show how brightly they can shine as they showed off slick moves in outfits that will make a teen’s eyes light up. At the beginning of the video, we see the quartet surrounded by numbers of soldiers holding up riot shields. Unconcerned, the group dances through the song with the spotlight shining on them.

However, once the soldiers start closing in on them, explosions go off amid the soldiers and they’re blown away. Even though the explosion caused fire and chaos to surround them, they kept performing undaunted by it.

Judging from “UNTOUCHABLE,” BORN TO BE is a confidence-boosting project packed with catchy refrains and memorable melodies. “Our new album is so powerful, powerful to the extent that you’ll be able to taste the smell of the flame burning hot,” Yeti shared with fans in anticipation of BORN TO BE.

Per a press release, JYP Entertainment wanted this Itzy era to be a “fusion of wild, bold and understated charm” driven by female warriors who embody “both outer and inner strength.”

Apart from presenting a confident and powerful image of the girls, this era is also the first to see them perform solo singles and participate in the writing of the songs. It’s safe to say that this era was a thrill for the fans, and they can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.