Gabby Barrett – You’re My Texas

Gabby Barrett has officially kicked off 2024 with “You’re My Texas,” a song she co-wrote with fellow country music stars Miranda Lambert and Hillary Lindsey. “You’re My Texas” perfectly captures the tender feelings we often have when we meet a person who makes us feel safe and free. “You’re My Texas” is a promise of a love that’ll be strong through the seasons, no matter the challenges. It reminds me of the type of love Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One” conveyed.

You’re my home away from home / You’re blue bonnets growin’ wild,” she sings in the chorus, sweetly adding, “Boy, no matter where I roam / You’re my Nacogdoches sky / Where I hang my hat when I get restless / You’re my Texas.”

Even though Lambert did not add her vocals to this beautiful country ballad, her presence is still felt in the “you’re my Texas” refrain. Hint: Miranda Lambert is a Texan.

The song is likely inspired by Barrett’s love for husband Cade Foehner, who is a Texan, and how that love has opened in her a fondness for the Lonestar State.

In an interview with Audacy’s Katie and Company, she opened up about working on a song with Lambert saying, “I wrote another song on the album that was written with Miranda Lambert. That’s very fun. And there are so many people in the Nashville community that I haven’t gotten to write with that I did this time around. So there’s just a lot to look forward to.”

“Miranda’s awesome. She’s just super laid back and just so chill and nice to be around and very real of a person, which is really nice to see in the industry, especially as a female being very real and not about the drama and the jealousy and this and that,” she added at another time during a Q&A with fans on Instagram. “So, the song is more of a slower song, and it will be about Texas. That’s all I can say.”

“You’re My Texan” is Barrett giving her fans a taste of her upcoming fourth studio album Chapter & Verse, and if this heartfelt ballad is any right representation of the album, it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. There may even be a bar or two dedicated to drinking.