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Fletcher – Lead Me On

Singer-songwriter Fletcher is set to release a new album in March, and her latest single “Lead Me On,” released on January 25, is one more preview of what to expect. The release of this single follows Fletcher’s 2023 single “Eras of Us,” hinting that the singer’s upcoming album In Search of the Antidote will be filled with painful pop music that just hurts too good.

It’s clear that since her 2022 album Girl of My Dreams, Fletcher’s musical prowess has grown even more, which is what makes the anticipation for In Search of the Antidote so high. “Lead Me On” is a strong single that promises a mature and multi-faceted look at relationships, and like the best pop music, listeners can come away with multiple meanings.

“For some people ‘Lead Me On’ might sound like a breakup song, where I’m telling someone that I’ll take whatever crumbs I can get from them. Or it might sound like a song where I’m speaking to a better, healthier version of me that exists in the future,” Fletcher said in a statement, revealing that “All the songs on this album were written on multiple levels, and they exist in many dimensions at one time.”

“Lead Me On” opens with Fletcher’s powerful vocals over the strum of a guitar. As the song continues, the guitar and added percussion grow louder as the angst of the song shifts from a resigned reflection to a declaration. Lyrically, the first verse establishes’ Fletcher’s muse as someone destined to leave, and the singer appears to have accepted the pain of this connection.

I was born to love you / You were born wild and free / I was made to find you / But your heart is constantly runnin’, just never toward me / So why don’t you just lead me on? / ‘Cause something is better than nothing at all,” Fletcher sings in “Lead Me On.”

Fletcher’s new song feels reminiscent of her 2022 single “Sting,” as both “Sting” and “Lead Me On” show Fletcher choosing to hold on to the pain of a relationship to maintain some sort of a connection. While “Sting” deals with a past relationship and the act of refusing to move on, “Lead Me On” details a current relationship and Fletcher displays a more assured acceptance of what is beyond her control.

In the music video for “Lead Me On,” Fletcher wears a mesh black tank top and runs through different rooms of a large mansion. She encounters someone on roller skates, a room of fans who want autographs and selfies, and a woman suspended in ropes. The music video culminates with Fletcher joining a band to perform “Lead Me On.”

“Lead Me On” indicates that Fletcher’s upcoming studio album In Search of the Antidote could surpass the acclaim of Girl of My Dreams. No matter what message fans take away from the single, “Lead Me On” displays Fletcher’s emotional vocal delivery that can’t help but connect with listeners.