Ariana Grande – yes, and?

Ariana Grande is back with “yes, and?” and she’s reclaiming her prowess amid all the rumors and criticisms of the last few years, because, let’s be honest, why do we care too much about whose “dick” Ariana Grande is riding?

“yes, and?” is the first piece of solo original music we’ve heard from Grande in three long years, and it is fueled by the pain, agony, and outrage that public opinion has inspired in her during her quiet era. Apart from addressing her Ethan Slater relationship head-on – remember when people called her a homewrecker for that? – she also boldly stood up to people with nothing better to do than comment on her body.

There are a lot of emotions to be felt throughout the track, but the part where she says “Your energy is yours and mine is mine (It’s mine, it’s mine)” feels like she’s stubbornly trying to reclaim what she shouldn’t have even lost in the first place.

The accompanying music video points to this, with a woman looking at a red AG7 card and sighing, “Oh yeah, real exclusive. Typical Ari.” The rest of the “critics” on the elevator comment on things about her like her hair and her taste in music, with one confessing he doesn’t care much about her happiness as long as she makes art.

When they walk into an exhibition-type room, they see statues of people, one of them plainly Grande. The statues then break down, and Grande and her dancers emerge. She especially pokes fun at the rumor mill with this conversation: “Oh my god, did she really do that?” “Well, I read it off the internet so it must be true.” The first speaker then admits, “Well it must be.”

The new Grande era started immediately after the New Year rolled in, with an AG7 sign-up link appearing on her second Instagram account, @sweetener, on New Year’s Day. To welcome the new era, all previous posts were wiped clean and only the post teasing the upcoming single remained. The song heavily interpolates Madonna’s 1990 single, “Vogue.” The video, however, is inspired by Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted.” So yeah, from one Queen doing her thing to another.

Just hours after its release, it was reported that the song was gearing up for a top ten debut on the US Billboard Hot 100.

And yes, Ariana Grande bows to no one.