Alec Benjamin – Pick Me

In a sea of men, Alec Benjamin wants you to pick him.

“Pick Me” is the latest single to be released from Benjamin’s upcoming third studio album, and the happy pop nature of the song sure makes it a standout track to the sea of other songs being released on a daily basis.

The song is basically Benjamin just wanting to be loved so much that he’s willing to tweak things about his life to fit his intended partner’s interests. “Is it lying if I add a couple inches to my height? / Say I’m 5’11” when I’m really just 5’9″,” he sings. After reviewing Justin Timberlake’s single “Selfish” and noting how boring the lines are – they sound like your average overused pickup lines, in case you’re wondering – it felt refreshing to find another singer poke fun at the “angel” line. “Am I trying too hard, tell me, with these tired pickup lines? / Baby, when you fell from Heaven, did it hurt or are you fine?”

There’s one thing I admire in Benjamin’s music and it’s the storytelling nature of his craft. Even when the song doesn’t sound all that serious, or even when the lyrics are there to make you laugh or roll your eyes, there’s always a beautiful story safely wrapped in the arms of a sweet melody.

Pick me if you need a guy within a hundred miles / Who likes tea, is a Gemini, has family in Ohio / Is free this Friday night and just might make you smile / I know there’s other fish in the sea / But pick me,” he sings in the catchy chorus.

The accompanying music video sees Benjamin playing all these different characters for this girl who goes around meeting them on a date. However, she only takes a few moments to decide whether she wants to hang out with the guy or not. First, she meets Razor, who is 35 and likes motorcycles, cigarettes, and tattoos and is looking for a bad girl. Then she meets 29-year-old Kyle who’s into fitness, sports, and protein bars, and if you happen to be a varsity athlete and chill, you’re his ideal partner.

Our girl isn’t into these guys, but, luckily she gets to meet Alec Benjamin as Alec Benjamin and they readily connect.

“Pick Me” follows Benjamin’s previous single, “I Sent My Therapist To Therapy,” where he describes a scenario where his demons are just too great and his therapist couldn’t endure it. Euphoria Magazine’s Noah Wade called it a sinister, lyrically chaotic “Tango Maureen.”