Alan Walker, Putri Ariani & Peder Elias – Who I Am

Wow, we’re getting too many good things all at once. We ended last year with Alan Walker’s “Fire,” and now we’re starting this new one with “Who I Am.” The EDM track is a self-affirmation anthem which encourages listeners to do right by their heart. Like Shakira once sang on a Zootopia soundtrack: “I wanna try everything / I wanna try even though I could fail.” 

Don’t say this, don’t say that / I’m not playing by the rules/If they were made by you,” Peder Elias sings in the opening verse, before going on to say that he’ll keep on making his own mistakes, “’Till I’m wrong in all the right ways.”

The song’s accompanying beat does a lot to emphasize the deep message of the song while being flashy enough to still pass off as an Alan Walker track. Throughout the song, we get to hear the resilience hidden in its lyrics and the belief we often need to feel to even attempt to break out of the mold. “Save all your tears / You don’t wanna waste them on me / I’m not gonna be just like them / This is just the way that I am,” Elias sings in the first chorus, before being joined by Putri Ariani in the second one.

Walker penned the song with Gunnar Greve Pettersen, Big Fred, Marcus Arnbekk, Slipmats, and Christian Hartmann. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Walker said: “When I first started releasing music, I kept it mostly to myself. I found sharing my songs with others intimidating and I feared not «fitting in the crowd» with my style of music. Mom and Dad always taught me to be true to myself and follow my heart. Even if that meant going against the current sometimes. Together with some amazing people, I decided to write a song about this. About Who I Am and that #youarenotalone.”

Since the start of his career, Walker has often dwelt on the significance of what the word “alone” means and why there’s strength in “unity.” However, Walker’s own version of “unity” means finding people who share the same goals you do and are willing to help you on the journey to achieving your dreams.

Another thing that has been at the heart of the Norwegian DJ and producer’s artistry is collaboration. “You all know how much I value collaboration and the magic that happens when people come together to make music and share experiences. Being a part of this journey has been an absolute honor,” he said during the release of his latest studio album, Walkerworld.