AJ Mitchell – Foolish

In “Foolish,” AJ Mitchell is a lover who metaphorically wears his heart on his sleeves, hoping that what he meets wouldn’t be a painful stab at it. This song is for the people who go all in whenever they’re in a relationship, but I think the rest of us can relate to its heart-wrenching lyrics.

“Foolish” is AJ Mitchell reliving the memories of a previous romance and finally realizing how his intense emotions might have led to heartbreak.

I shoulda known by now / So I hold the blame / I walked in expecting that I’d walk out just the same,” he softly sings, going on to declare that the memories they made were still the best. “Am I foolish for thinking that / I could run right through the fire and not get burned?” he asks in the refrain.

“Foolish” follows Mitchell’s previous single “Passionate” and is his latest offering from his sophomore album As Far As The Eye Can See. The rising hitmaker penned and produced the track with frequent collaborator Kid Culture, who has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and Eddie Benjamin.

Speaking on the meaning and message behind the song, Mitchell said, “I wrote ‘Foolish’ in the midst of being in a relationship that I knew wasn’t good for me. It’s a conversation with myself- I was aware of the fact that the relationship would do me more harm than good, but the feelings were overpowering. ‘Foolish’ is about giving in to things that feel good even if you know they’re ultimately going to end in heartbreak. It’s human.”

The accompanying music video sees Mitchell wandering alone through water and wilderness until he starts to see his ex. At one point, he touches the walls of a cave and screams, as fleeting memories of him and the ex pass through our eyes, suggesting Mitchell isn’t totally over her, even though he now realizes that she is no good for him.

On May 3rd, fans will finally get to follow the artist as far as the eye can see when the album drops.

On the themes on this upcoming album, he said: “With this album, I wanted to go ‘as far as the eye can see,’ where there’s nothing blocking my vision, where I’m free to create.”

The press release revealed that AJ wrote the album while dating a girl he knew wasn’t right for him but couldn’t resist. Their doomed romance opened him up to the central themes of his new album: experiencing things that might hurt us and exploring life regardless of the outcome, doing what feels right, and not caring.