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No Guidnce

We’ve seen a sudden rise of British girl groups hoping to fill the space Little Mix left wide open, but what about on the boy band front? It’s been a minute since the UK had a well-renowned boy group take over the charts and it’s about time that changed. If you’re as obsessed with harmonies and vocal groups as we are then you’ll agree that soulful four-piece No Guidnce are the strongest candidate for kickstarting a new era of boy bands. Made up of members Ebubé Chiana, Kaci Brook, Zeekay Kabasomi, and Josh Lomat, the London-based quartet takes major influence from many R&B greats from Boyz II Men, Jodeci, and New Edition to SZA and Drake and are ready to leave their own stamp on the genre.

Initially gaining a loyal following by sharing covers on TikTok, No Guidnce released their first-ever song, “Committed,” less than a year ago in March. Their debut EP, Is It A Crime?, quickly followed and not only featured the Victoria Monet-penned title track but also the dreamy stand-out “Lie To Me,” which sampled Spandau Ballet’s “True.”

Keeping the momentum going, No Guidnce released a sophomore EP, Spicy, and won over crowds when they were asked to support fellow Brit Mahalia on her nationwide European tour. Before wrapping up the year, they dropped a self-titled Unplugged EP with acoustic versions of three of their biggest tunes and a cover of New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain.” Showcasing their full potential, No Guidnce have been welcomed with open arms, receiving early co-signs from the likes of Summer Walker, Miguel, Timbaland, Stormzy, and Snoop Dogg.

With a new year in full swing, No Guidnce are ready for global domination. We talk to the hopeful superstars about their first year in music, potential collaborations, and what they have planned next.

2023 is coming to an end. As a group, how are you looking back on the year?

2023 was the craziest year of our lives. A rollercoaster of experiences and emotions, we learned so much about ourselves and the music world. We feel very blessed to have had the debut year that we did.

It’s been a year of many firsts. Which have been the biggest pinch-me moments?

Doing our first headline show in Los Angeles was surreal. Seeing fans stand outside waiting for four boys from London to perform was so cool. It’s so hard to picture the love in other countries until you see it in person. That was a special night.

You released your first single, “Committed” in March. What was it about that song that felt like the perfect song to launch yourself with? 

“Committed” felt like a great introduction to No Guidnce. It captured the classic “R&B love song” feel while also feeling super unique. We wanted to make sure our first drop stood out in the crowd and didn’t feel generic. It really felt like something we hadn’t heard for a while.

R&B is definitely having its well-deserved moment in the UK right now. Who are some of your favorite home turf acts right now? 

R&B in the UK is really having a much-needed resurgence and it’s been great to see. Artists like Mahalia and Ella Mai have been killing it for some time and we love them, as well as newer acts like FLO, Saint Harison, and Elmiene who are all amazing.

You worked in the studio this year with Queen Victoria Monet on the song “Is It A Crime?” What’s the best thing you took away from that experience? 

Her talent is insane! She was in a group herself when she was younger, so she really understood what we were trying to capture into music, and so early on in our journey at that. We didn’t really have a sound to reference to, so we’re hugely blessed to have worked with her and the opportunities that have arisen from that since!

Photo: Eazy Visuals

If anything was possible, what other producers or songwriters would you love to work with next?

We’d love to work with Leon Thomas, we’re huge fans of his own music and his work in general and we think we’d make a great song with him. Lucky Daye too would be an amazing person to write with as he has such skill for writing. 

You recently embarked on a European tour with Mahalia. What was it like performing to sold-out crowds every night?

It was the highlight of our year honestly. Performing is one of the greatest parts of being an artist and doing it as a group is even more fun. Performing in front of crowds of different sizes and cultures every night, many of whom didn’t know who we were very well, was also great for our development as newcomers so we definitely gained a lot from that experience. We will always be super thankful to Mahalia for that experience, it’s a pleasure to now call her a friend.

Many people categorize yourselves with FLO because you’re both British groups making R&B music. Can you ever envision yourselves collaborating with the trio? And what do you think that would sound like?

We can definitely see a collaboration happening one day! We’ve known the girls since before either of us had released any music at all and they’ve had a very commendable start to their career which has been amazing to watch. We enjoyed our first year releasing music and trying to establish ourselves in the industry, but this year we are definitely ready to branch out to bigger things including song collaborations with other artists, and they are definitely on our list.

What has been the biggest challenge to overcome as a group so far?

As a group, the biggest challenge for us has been figuring out the No Guidnce sound. We knew we wanted to make sure we paid homage to all the 90s R&B groups that came before us but also ensure we brought it into the modern day with the production and melodies. It took us countless sessions, but we have definitely found it and can’t wait to see how it evolves with time as well! 

What’s your advice for people wanting to follow in your footsteps and make it as a successful group?

Our advice would be to study the groups that have been successful in the past! We definitely spent a lot of time researching and listening to what made a certain group so successful. I think being honest with each other about what we want to achieve as a group is important too. Everyone definitely needs to be on the same page! Oh and don’t forget to start using social media, it’s the best way to grow an audience and get your music to new listeners!

Moving forward, what can we expect from No Guidnce in 2024?

In 2024, we’ve got so many things in the works! We’ve definitely got a lot more music coming, hopefully an album! Definitely a lot more shows, not only in the UK but also worldwide. We are so keen to perform and meet our fans from all over the world!