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Calum Scott

Calum Scott Discusses 'Lighthouse' And Tour With Ed Sheeran

Calum Scott has successfully transformed into a musical maestro; his novel offering “Lighthouse” revolves around those intricate emotions of long-lost hope. Just like a lighthouse, the song has established itself as an anthem of inspiration; offering a beacon of hope and acting like the light at the end of a tunnel to the ones who might need it.

Garnering inspiration from his beloved ones and his real life, the song’s choruses that made it into the final cut of the track exhumes out of those same recordings that were produced during Scott’s demo-phase.

According to the talented singer-songwriter, even after multiple attempts during his actual vocal sessions for the song, the magic that was born out of the choruses when he had initially started working on the demo recordings for the track just couldn’t be recreated; forcing Scott to use those exact recordings for the project that can now be streamed on all major platforms.

Calum Scott can be currently witnessed embarking on the 2024 “Mathematics Stadium Tour” with the sensational Ed Sheeran; having his own “The Songbook So Far” spring tour in the pipeline for this year.

EUPHORIA. recently had a chat with the talented singer-songwriter about the creative process being his novel offering “Lighthouse”, his experience being on tour with Ed Sheeran, discussing several insights into his professional journey and his plans for the future.

Thank you for joining us on EUPHORIA., Calum. Happy New Year! How has the start of 2024 been for you so far?

Crazy, in a word. I’ve started the new year supporting Ed Sheeran across Asia.. I used to work in ASDA, what is my actual life?! Honestly, I’m counting my blessings every day, pinching myself every morning. I’m doing things I’ve dreamt of doing.

You are all set to release your highly anticipated novel offering “Lighthouse”. Massive congratulations on that! Do you remember that initial moment the inspiration behind this wonderful project emerged?

It was written a time when I was particularly missing home. I live in Yorkshire in the UK and it has become my sanctuary in what has been a very surreal 8-9 years. My hometown, my friends, my family – they are that beacon on the horizon when I’m far away that reminds me of that safe place, no matter how far away I go they are there waiting for me.

I love how powerful and anthemic the song is, it inspires hope strength, and confidence, and coming into 2024, I think it’s a perfect song to get you motivated for the year ahead!

Kindly walk me through the overall creative process for this track. Did you ever face any kind of obstacles while creating this project?

The biggest obstacle was how to sing it – I wanted to challenge myself on these new songs, wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and yeah, I definitely pushed.

That’s what makes it so powerful because it’s so up in my range that I feel I can deliver that sincere, genuine, heartfelt emotion. Fun fact; the choruses you hear on this are the ones I recorded for the demo – I couldn’t recreate that magic when I went in to record the vocals for the track! Mad.

A lot of the projects that you have put out so far emerged out of those personal moments and emotions one experiences in their life.

Does it ever get overwhelming or frightening for you to showcase tracks revolving around such intricate and vulnerable insights now that you have established such an immensely huge fanbase?

Yes, of course. It’s always going to be daunting but it always has been so that’s not a new feeling to me. When I put out my first album, ‘Only Human’ I explored who I am through my music; talking about everything from mental health to my coming out experience to being heartbroken, so I guess, I started as I meant to go on.

Having seen the songs resonate globally, I know that being vulnerable is a powerful and relatable trait and there is literally nothing more important to me than to write and perform songs that people resonate with, that help people, that make people feel seen and heard, songs that people want to use to soundtrack important moments in their lives.

Do you usually use music as a form of catharsis and self-exploration? If so, does your own music ever act as a form of therapy to you?

Music has always been a therapy for me. I remember listening to Greg Holden’s, ‘Boys In The Street’ and sobbing. I could relate, it spoke to my soul, it healed. I loved it so much that with Greg’s blessing, I added it to my second album, Bridges, and invited him to perform it live with me in Portland, USA on my world tour (it’s on YouTube and it’s beautiful!).

Music has the ability to move you whether it’s filling you with good vibes or telling an important story to you and so I use my own personal experiences to help me, hoping that it will go on to help others.

How would you say have you transformed as an artist in terms of your abilities from what we witnessed during your debut phase to the current era?

I believe in myself more now than I ever have before. When I had my ‘sliding doors’ moment, my life literally changed overnight and you can never be prepared for that. I also hadn’t really written my own music before or knew firmly what I wanted to do, or be, in this industry.

I knew I loved a heartbreaking ballad (courtesy of my Mum’s music choice growing up) but I wasn’t prepared for the beast of the music industry. I’ve worked hard for the last 8/9 years and I feel like I deserve to be where I’m at, whilst all the while being just as humble and grateful as the day I started. I’m able to push out of my comfort zone more, I don’t just see myself as ‘the ballad guy’ anymore and having toured the world twice and having numbers on my music that I can barely comprehend, it gives me the confidence to grow and evolve, being content in being an artist.

You recently joined the sensational Ed Sheeran on his 2024 “Mathematics Stadium Tour” and will be continuing this highly-anticipated tour across Asia and Europe. And besides that, you are also about to embark on your “The Songbook So Far” spring tour. Wishing you lots of luck on that!

How did your first-ever live performance of this year go? Do you have any specific set list prepared in terms of both tours? Anything the fans can expect in terms of these exciting forthcoming endeavors?

My first performance of the year was in Bahrain warming up the crowd for Ed’s first performance of the year so it was quite a start to 2024!

I absolutely love being the support on tours because it gives you the challenge to impress and captivate an audience that is not necessarily there to see you, having that in mind I sat with my musical director, Andy Yeates and we crafted a set that we believe takes people on a bit of journey; strong start, a somber moment in the middle, pick back up again and then a big ballad finish. So far, three shows in and it seems to be reacting pretty well! For my own shows in the spring, well, you’ll have to come to see those, not giving too much away!

Lastly, what’s next for you? Are there any upcoming projects/collaborations in the works for 2024 that you’d like to hint to your fans about?

I have been asked to do a tonne more collabs since the success of ‘Whistle’ (Jax Jones) and ‘Where Are You Now’ (Lost Frequencies) so hopefully there’ll be another DJ moment for me coming up. I have recorded a few duets so you might hear me singing with someone else very soon too but this year generally I just want to release more music.

I think I have finally accepted that the way people listen to music has changed and so the process of putting music out has to change too. Here’s to getting even more Calum Scott music this year!

Calum Scott’s new single “Lighthouse” is out now. Few remaining tickets for his headline show, “The Songbook So Far” on 12th March at Eventim Apollo are on sale now at