SKIMS taps Lana Del Rey for Valentine’s Day 2024 Collection

For their Valentine’s Day 2024 launch, SKIMS has enlisted the enchanting Lana Del Rey to star in their latest campaign. The Grammy-nominated artist, recently revealed as one of the headliners for this year’s Coachella, takes center stage in Kim Kardashian’s renowned clothing brand.

For this campaign, Lana Del Rey brings forth her timeless Americana aesthetic, brilliantly captured by the lens of British photographer and artist Nadia Lee Cohen. Cohen’s whimsical sets, inspired by vintage pin-ups, serve as the backdrop for Lana Del Rey as she showcases the limited-edition Fits Everybody and Woven Shine pieces from SKIMS’ 2024 Valentine’s Day Shop.

Expressing her admiration for SKIMS, Lana Del Rey states, “I’ve been a big fan of SKIMS since the beginning. Their collection is so pretty and dreamy, which made collaborating with [Cohen] on the creative so fun.” This synergy between Del Rey’s artistic sensibilities and Skims’ dreamy aesthetic promises a visual feast for fashion enthusiasts.

Following the success of last year’s SKIMS Valentine’s Day offerings, which flew off the shelves, this year’s lineup is even more expansive. With 29 limited-edition collections of lingerie, loungewear, and sleep sets, SKIMS offers a diverse array of romantic ensembles. Priced between $16 and $124, the new items deviate from the brand’s usual neutral tones, presenting a vibrant palette of vivid and pastel hues.

Romance takes center stage with lace-lined velvet tanks and slipdresses, adding an extra touch of allure to the collection. For those seeking playful and festive attire, printed PJs and apparel embroidered with conversation heart motifs make a delightful appearance. The Valentine’s Day lineup also introduces accessories tailored for the boudoir, including SKIMS’ debut of edible underwear and an all-black “Play Kit” complete with a blindfold.

Mark your calendars, as the SKIMS Valentine’s Day Shop is set to launch on Tuesday. The collection will be available for purchase online and at select retailers. With Lana Del Rey as the face of this enchanting campaign, SKIMS invites fashion enthusiasts to indulge in a Valentine’s Day shopping experience that seamlessly blends allure, romance, and a touch of playful sophistication.