Pas Une Marque Brings “Seams of Dissent” Collection to Paris Fashion Week

French luxury brand Pas Une Marque challenges societal norms with their latest collection, “Seams of Dissent.” Created in partnership with Johnson Tsang, each design meticulously balances art and elegance. 

The unique blend of textures and silhouettes creates an appealing display of modern street style. Their showroom at Paris Fashion Week featured racks of coats and trousers with a few duffle bags arranged on shelves. Among the avant-garde clothing lies a white table with a rust-dyed bag and sunglasses. Each pair sports a different frame shape and color combination, reminiscent of Tsang’s use of surrealism. 

The collaboration with Tsang came from a quick direct message on Instagram. The design team reached out to the artist complimenting his work and asking if there was any interest in partnering for a collection. The artist agreed and “Seams of Dissent” was born. 

On one of the showroom racks hangs a brownish tweed coat. Multiple vintage gold keys hang down from the fabric. The coat is long but fitted with moderate warmth. The garment is both traditional and bold perfectly encapsulating the brand’s identity. 

Another rack boasts a matching set with sketches of faces in black ink across a thick fabric. The garment is a simple streetwear sweatsuit with an uncanny design from Tsang. The piece is trendy yet timeless, a juxtaposition fit for contemporary fashion. 

With a passion for quality and detail, Pas Une Marque boasts a sizable catalog of pieces that are not only creative but sustainable. Each product is made of ingredients sourced from Peru using high-quality materials. Their latest line of knitwear is dyed using natural plants and fruits from the Amazon Rainforest.  

Pas Une Marque or “Not a brand” in its English translation strives to be more than just a label. Their designs cater to the modern lifestyle and an appreciation for wearability as well as style. The “Seams of Dissent” collection is an art studio disguised as a Paris Fashion Week showroom. Each piece is an abstract work of art waiting to be worn on display, redefining sophisticated street style.