NAHMIAS Launches AW24 Collection “Summerland Ranch”

The fashion industry continues to evolve, setting new benchmarks, and Nahmias’ latest AW24 collection called “Summerland Ranch” is an excellent example of our current fashion climate. The brand made a splash at Paris Fashion Week with their mix of old and new traditions, dedicating the collection to an indescribable California lifestyle.

Nahmias paints a perfect picture of this romance and its opposites by the use of California cowboy mystery as she examines Hope Ranch in Santa Barbara. The seamless combination of original California DNA and Western elements are flawlessly captured and executed.

Among its most remarkable components in the Summerland Ranch collection is an invention used for denim. Working with broken, waxed, and stained finishes, Nahmias represents a cherished pair of jeans, and the older these shoes got, the more valuable they were. The denim fabric coated with wax symbolizes the brand’s desire to keep that timeless luster and nostalgia of jeans.

However, innovation does not stop here for Nahmias, the brand also works with luxurious Italian Mole skins and cutting-edge knitwear techniques to take their denim pieces up a notch. These key differentiators along with the quality and craftsmanship of the brand, increase its reach and position in today’s high-end luxury market for menswear.

A major characteristic of the collection is the introduction of new patterns and shapes. Nahmias launches a collection of jackets and pants that are their best attempt to date. The beaded details that draw attention to the sun motifs, showcasing this brand’s Californian heritage, also create an element of nostalgia for basking in warmth.

The colors used in the Summerland Ranch collection are another element that reinforces the relationship between California and this brand. The fragmentation of mountains and sea in Santa Barbara is effectively rendered through the ensemble, whereby shadowy blue and greenish stains, as well as earthly colors, narrate a fascinating visual tale. This color palette represents the rugged and smooth qualities of ranch life merging with surf life, marking sovereign cowboys in California.

As a whole, the journey to the past and back again, with plenty of references that look towards the Western landscape but are contrasted against the modern-day California coastline, is created perfectly by Nahmias’ AW24 collection. It is impressive to see how the brand turns this spirit of two worlds into their pieces. It is a group that addresses the fans of raw beauty, elegance in nonchalance, and extravagant simplicity.

The combination of traditional and contemporary elements with a Californian touch creates a unique set that is attractive to consumers. Without a doubt, Nahmias is yet to have more surprises for its customers in the near future, because they will certainly keep on breaking boundaries and setting new standards within fashion.