Summer Fridays Launches Dream Lip Oil

Winter brings on a plethora of beauty challenges, leaving us dealing with drier skin, unruly hair, and, most notably, dehydrated lips.

Now, let’s turn the spotlight onto the recently unveiled Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil, a creation ignited by the unparalleled success of the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm, a product finding a new home every eight seconds. Marianna Hewitt, the Co-Founder of Summer Fridays, unravels the meticulous two-year journey birthing Dream Lip Oil. The driving force? A yearning to broaden the spectrum of shades and flavors, tailoring to the lip-loving community. Their lip care philosophy mirrors skincare—placing emphasis on nourishment, hydration, and moisturization before delving into the captivating world of shades.

A pivotal element of Dream Lip Oil lies in its texture, meticulously crafted to sidestep stickiness or goopiness while ensuring a sublime slip. Departing from the usual lip oil trajectory, this elixir boasts a fusion of nine plant-based oils. Apricot kernel, jojoba seed, avocado, grape seed, rosehip, squalane, raspberry seed, shea, and castor seed oil synergize to deliver profound nourishment.

The symbiotic dance between Lip Butter Balm and Dream Lip Oil attests to their commitment to lip care as an extension of skincare. Lauren Ireland, the Co-Founder, accentuates the unique features—Lip Butter Balm’s shea butter foundation providing a buttery texture, while Dream Lip Oil opts for shea oil, presenting a different texture, a sheer wash of color, and the option for buildable intensity. The latter also flaunts a subtle sweetness and refreshing quality without specific flavors for each hue, showcasing a milkier finish compared to the buttery high shine of Lip Butter Balm.

The Dream Lip Oil collection unveils four universally flattering, sheer shades, influenced by invaluable input from the community. The journey involved heeding preferences, with Soft Mauve emerging in response to the demand for a mauve shade. Pink Cloud brings a soft pink allure, while Blush Dream offers a sheer blush option. The allure of these hues lies in their buildable nature, granting users the freedom to tailor coverage and even layer them over lipstick for intensified pigmentation.

Hewitt and Ireland spill the beans on their personal approaches to using Dream Lip Oil. Ireland, always on the go, opts for a quick, mirror-free application, while Hewitt, a lip liner enthusiast, seamlessly pairs it with a lip liner for a structured look. The product’s versatility shines as it effortlessly adapts to diverse preferences and styles.

Amidst winter’s unforgiving impact on lips, Hewitt and Ireland elevate their lip care routine. Hewitt’s post-shower ritual involves gentle exfoliation with a towel, while Ireland swears by the Lip Butter Balm as an overnight lip mask, ensuring moisturized lips come morning. The duo’s dedication to lip care transcends the ordinary, presenting a holistic approach to combat winter’s toll on this delicate feature.