P!nk – All Out Of Fight 

Listening to P!nk’s latest album TRUSTFALL is like having a therapy session. The singer-songwriter did not shy away from the hard topics in the album, and at the end of the day, hearing what we feel repeated back at us is emotionally freeing and healing in many ways. The deluxe songs on TRUSTFALL continue this legacy of being emotionally stirring, most especially “All Out Of Fight,” a song that’s about spending a lifetime with someone, only to end up saying goodbye.

P!nk’s songs have the magic of getting into your head, making you feel seen and less alone, and yes, I bet some of us have come to the crossroads where we can no longer run with a loved one.

We had life in our eyes and the world was on our side / Speeding along with no map, it was all green lights,” she opens the song by singing about the happy times. However, when things turn sour, she promises, “It was just you and I / When something dies, doesn’t mean that it’s over.”

Knowing she has to let go, she makes one last request, “So take my hand for the last time/And find my eyes with yours.” The beauty of the song comes from the fact that even though she’s accepted the relationship has to end, it doesn’t make it any easier for the future to be bright.

The bridge is especially haunting, seeing her sing, “I never asked for easy/But it shouldn’t be this hard.”

TRUSTFALL produced hit singles such as “Trustfall,” and “Never Gonna Not Dance Again.” The deluxe version contains a few original songs and live versions of “When I Get There,” “Nothing Compares 2 U,” “No Ordinary Love,” “Cover Me in Sunshine,” and others.

Prior to the release of TRUSTFALL (Tour Deluxe Edition), the singer-songwriter shared with fans on X, “Wanted to remind anyone out there that needs it, that is feeling the angst and nastiness that is in the world- don’t forget to breathe. Don’t forget that we have a spiritual toolbox full of meditation, exercise, Laughing with friends, hot tea, sage, or a great book! Have a beautiful day.”

As for books, the star has been hard at work campaigning about the banning of books and literary materials in schools, even recently speaking to Amanda Gorman on her banned work, The Hill We Climb. She also encouraged her fans to “read banned books” and explore their creative freedom.