Paloma Faith – My Sweet Baby (Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget Soundtrack)

It may be 23 years standing between the release of the first Chicken Run movie and the second, but the creators obviously didn’t want to get anything about it wrong, least of all the soundtrack. To make “My Sweet Baby” the best, the stop-motion animation recruited Paloma Faith and her beautiful set of pipes to perform a catchy and fun song for the movie.

Let me tell you all about my baby / You won’t ever find her misbehavin / Oh she’s such a diamond / Think I found the brightest star / Up in the sky / Just one little look and she’ll disarm ya / Everybody tells me shes a charmer,” she sings in the opening verse.

The first Chicken Run cartoon ended with Ginger and Rocky and the escaped chickens finding a new home on an idyllic island, far from human interference. This sequel sees them leave the island years later on a rescue mission.

The sequel’s synopsis reads, “It tells the story of Rocky and Ginger who lead a rescue mission when their daughter has been abducted to a highly-advanced poultry farm run by their old enemy Mrs. Tweedy.”

Faith’s song “My Sweet Baby” seems to describe the love shared between Rocky and Ginger, who isn’t afraid to do anything to keep the ones she loves safe, even if it means going batshit crazy.

Faith announced the release of the song on X, writing, “Was an absolute pleasure to record ‘My Sweet Baby’ for Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget!/The song plays as the backdrop to a montage in the opening sequence of the film, which is now available to stream on Netflix!”

This year has seen Faith make a grand return to music after being absent for a few years with “Bad Woman” and “How You Leave A Man.” Both tracks are from her upcoming studio album THE GLORIFICATION OF SADNESS – out February 16th. Speaking on the message behind “Bad Woman,” she said, “This song is me reclaiming the power that I felt I’d lost after a rough few years and it’s so special to me.” She also dedicated the song to all the women who can’t help but be bad.

To round out the year, she also gifted fans with a Christmas EP, which, don’t ask me why, she decided to title When Paloma Got Stuck Down The Chimney (At Christmas). The EP features a Christmas mix of her hit single, “Only Love Can Hurt Like This.”