NCT 127 – Be There For Me

NCT 127 has a special gift for fans just in time for the holidays. On December 22nd, the K-pop group released a single album called Be There For Me – Winter Special Single. The single album consists of three tracks, “Be There for Me,” “Home Alone,” and “White Lie.”

“Be There For Me” feels different than a standard NCT 127 song as the K-pop group’s music typically ranges from experimental hip-hop to pop ballads. The lead single of NCT 127’s new project falls into the R&B genre, with smooth blues elements capturing the song’s sentimental message. Throughout “Be There For Me,” NCT 127 members Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan sing about missing a loved one during the winter season.

Snow coming heavy now in Seoul / But without you, I’d rather bе cold / Rock-a-bye, baby / When you open your еyes, I’ll be by your side / Now I’m in my feels, babe, getting emotional with / All these memories making my heart burst,” Jaehyun and Jungwoo sing in “Be There For Me.”

In the song’s chorus, the members ask a love interest to meet them for a ride in the snow, singing, “Run, come to me here / Hold me gently in your arms / Picturing that road / Would you be there for me?

The music video for “Be There For Me” presents NCT 127 as owners of a cozy furniture store with the slogan “Furniture Makes Family.” It opens with Jungwoo and Johnny playing a game of ping pong while Yuta watches. When the ping pong ball falls into Jaehyun’s cereal, Jungwoo, and Jaehyun begin to argue as the song begins.

In a comedic bit, members perform their parts of the song while other members try to break up Jaehyun and Jungwoo’s fight in the background. Other plots in the music video show NCT 127 having a holiday dinner together while wearing comfy winter clothes and the group building a chair to enter a furniture auction.

Attendees bid on the chair, but an explosion occurs, and NCT 127 dances to the song’s chorus amid the debris. In the final scenes of the music video, the group dances inside a snowy scene in a snow globe and front of a Christmas tree made up of wooden chairs.

The second track of NCT 127’s winter project, “Home Alone,” is an upbeat song with a relatable message of wanting to stay inside when it is cold out, even if it means canceling plans. The holidays are often a busy time between holiday parties, family gatherings, and catching up with old friends, but “Home Alone” is a unique holiday song that celebrates taking time to relax during the season.

“White Lie,” the last song on Be There For Me – Winter Special Single, is the most emotional track on the single album. A piano ballad with R&B elements, “White Lie” details a narrator choosing not to confess his feelings for someone and instead choosing to lie as snow falls. From start to finish, the lyrics package an emotional punch, and the song reaffirms how strong NCT 127’s vocal line truly is.

All three songs on the single album showcase the members’ individual talents and their cohesiveness as a group, making it a fun addition to the band’s discography. Be There For Me – Winter Special Single manages to capture all the experiences one can have during the winter season, making it an album fans are sure to revisit during the holidays in years to come.