LØLØ – *snow in berlin*

It’s that time of year when artists try their hand at holiday tracks – with very few succeeding – and this year, LØLØ is up to bat, delivering a blissfully intimate, stripped-back track for those still hanging on to memories of an ex-lover. Born and raised in Toronto, the singer-songwriter has become an undeniable presence in the pop-punk genre and though her latest track, “*snow in berlin*”, departs from that catalog, LØLØ still remains on top with the quaint, wintery tune.

Known for her striking presence, both online and on stage, with her effortlessly cool attitude and sharp lyricism, “*snow in berlin*” is no exception. The track welcomes a tenderness that speaks to a classic holiday feel as it captures conflicting emotions, comparing them to a time she explored a new city. “The first time I ever visited Berlin on my first ever Europe tour, it was snowing the type of snow you only see in Christmas movies, and it was one of the prettiest things I had ever seen!” she says in a press release.

“After living in LA all year, I hadn’t seen snow for a while, so it was a very beautiful moment. I wanted to write a song to remember that moment, of feeling something so special for the first time in a while,” she adds. “‘*snow in berlin*’ is about a couple of people who experience that same kind of special feeling from meeting each other,” she continues. “But as fast as that snow can come down, it can also melt just as quickly — the song goes through their different relationship stages, from falling in love, to breaking apart almost as fast.”

Sonically simple, employing only an acoustic guitar, “*snow in berlin*” captures the listeners attention with LØLØ’s melting vocals from the get-go. It showcases the star at her most vulnerable and the noticeable absence of percussion helps add to the loneliness and longing that’s felt as she draws comparisons between the stark fragility of winter and the ending of a relationship. The opening verse romanticises youthful relationships as it acts as a captivating prologue to a profound narrative exploring the depths of love and innocence. “I can’t quite recall the first night that we met / But I remember the night that you took my breath,” she sings. “You slurred your words, but I liked what you said / You kissed me and I could taste danger ahead.

The holiday season is often a bittersweet time and “*snow in berlin*” captures the beauty of that despite its ups and downs. It’s so simple yet has the power to conjure up various memories and there’s no denying that LØLØ has crafted a lyrically rich experience within the track. For sure, it’s an interesting lane to explore for an artist whose music leans towards the pop-rock genre but, for that reason, it successfully introduces fans to her multidimensional artistry.

Alongside this release, LØLØ recently wrapped up an extensive 31-date North American tour with Boys Like Girls, State Champs, 3OH!3, The Summer Set, and Four Years Strong for a truly explosive pop-punk lineup; in the midst of that, she shared her exhilarating single “faceplant.” Packed with powerful guitar hooks, dynamic vocals, and witty, charismatic lyricism, “faceplant” is a perfect storm of all of LØLØ’s most exciting qualities, those of which she’s currently exhausting as she storms across the UK and Europe supporting Against The Current.

We think it’s safe to say there’s no slowing down when it comes to this artist, even if it is nearly Christmas.