Jagwar Twin – Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa)

As if Timothée Chalamet’s Wonka isn’t enough Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to last us a year, we also got the ultra-catchy “Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa)” from Jagwar Twin like a cherry on top of a delectable treat. We may not have asked for it, but we deserved it all the same.

The whimsical nature of the lyrics makes this song truly feel like something that could belong in Wonka’s chocolate factory, even more than the famous “Oompa Loompa” refrain did.

When the moon hits the sky, I’m a little unwell / Cause the truth is a lie that nobody can tell / Every kid on the block talks in riddles and prose / Then we dance till we drop,” Twin sings in the first verse.

While the lyrics in the first verse are innocent enough, the second verse kind of takes a gloomier approach to human existence, as he sings, “Animals! / Animals! / All misunderstandable / Carnivores and cannibals! / I want it on demand-able / Mandible, jaw split / Hit me with the gossip.” 

Split between memorable hooks and Twin screeching some of the lyrics, it’s not a wonder a fan declared it a “masterpiece.”

Speaking on the single he co-wrote with Sean Van Vleet (All Time Low, PVRIS) and Ryan Daly (Dove Cameron, John Legend), he said “Every one of us holds a golden ticket in our hand, but our ability to receive the keys to the kingdom relies on our ability to trust ourselves and to tell the truth. “Bad Feeling” is a chocolate-covered reminder to trust your gut.”

“Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa)” is proof that a classic can be given a new life that feels so different from the original, so much so that it can safely stand on its own.

I weep for the length of the song, which is actually a little over two minutes long, but I guess when a song is this catchy, you really have no choice but to make it short to increase its addictive nature. I’m sure many people will be hitting replay a couple of times before moving on like I did.

The song is similar to his previous releases; “Good Time (1:08),” which currently enjoys a favorable spot on Mexico radio, and his hit song “Happy Face.” His innovative style of music stands apart from the crowd and it encourages fans to do the same, via his powerful lyrics and general style.

Twin is more famously known for his genre-defying songs, which expertly employ children’s choruses, rhythmic accordion hooks, and gritty breakbeats and combine them with introspective and quirky lyrics.