Halo Kitsch – i was a virgin (on drugs)

Halo Kitsch draws inspiration from a popular films scene stealer for newest single

14 years after the release of the original Avatar movie, a line from the film, one that may be considered a throwaway, led to the creation of a pop-punk song by an LA-based singer-songwriter named Halo Kitsch. “i was a virgin (on drugs),” Kitsch’s latest single, was derived from one of Michelle Rodriguez’s characters anti-establishment statements early on in the film, simply referring to the human race as “daisy cutters” as the humans began to invade Pandora. Kitsch interpreted the term to mean “the destruction of something beautiful,” and began her process.

“i was a virgin (on drugs)” is a mix of a relic from a soundtrack of the Jennifer’s Body era of film and two or three notches past the point Olivia Rodrigo’s team are willing to let her go these days. Explicitly feminine yet, even as the victim in a lyrical context, incredibly dominant.

She was the good girl, he was the bad boy, and she just wanted him for love. Then, he got her hooked-on drugs: “I… I was a virgin on drugs / Didn’t know what they were / Didn’t know who I was / Your love is so corrupt.” She begins to spiral, and he is nowhere to be found. “You’re a daisy cutter,” she repeatedly shrieks at him in the bridge, giving good use to the line that birthed the concept.

“Bottom line, this is a story about a boy who nearly frickin’ ruined a girl,” she said in a statement. “But the good news is, and the strength resonating through the song is… I’m still here, I’m just mad as hell. So, he failed.” Whatever she does in retaliation is not expressed in the tune, but the searing screams, expletives, guitars, and the multi-act format give off the impression that the bad boy will not get away unscathed.

Kitsch says she believes the song is what it would sound like if Machine Gun Kelly and Kesha had a baby, though Poppy circa 2021’s “Fear Of Dying” and chloe moriondo seem to be a more fitting comparison within modern rock. She leans into the cinema… the sensationalism of it all even during an instrumental break, making her presence known with rapid exclamations of both anguish and pleasure. Her vocal versatility is also on display on other tracks from her catalog such as “Daddy’s Girl” and “EVERYTHING I HAVE IN MY LIFE.”

Though it is just a standalone single, a song like “I was a virgin (on drugs)” could be a viable path forward for Kitsch creatively, whether she builds on this story or manufactures others like it.

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