Alec Benjamin – I Sent My Therapist To Therapy

Ahead of his next album cycle, the singer-songwriter flexes his muscles conceptually

In the summer of 2018, Phoenix, AZ-based singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin was sending individual DMs to fans on Twitter inviting them to a show at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall, a room typically reserved for developing artists. A year later, he brought John Mayer out for a performance of his storyteller tune “Death Of A Hero” at a sold-out show at LA’s El Rey Theatre.

Since then, Benjamin has grown to be one of the most consistent and eclectic voices of the genre mixing the simplicity of his performance with complex themes and imagery. He follows up the tender “Different Kind Of Beautiful,” the first release of, seemingly, a new era, with the new song “I Sent My Therapist To Therapy.”

“I Sent My Therapist To Therapy”

If “Different Kind Of Beautiful” was the waltz, “I Sent My Therapist…” is the Tango Maureen. The former is bright, plucky, and orchestral, while the latter is much more sinister, lyrically chaotic, and unhinged. The parallels between this tune and his 2020 track “Jesus In LA” are noteworthy, as Benjamin opens the latter by singing of approaching the devil, who is sitting with a pad and pencil in hand, as well as his actual shrink, about the whereabouts of Jesus. In this new track, his relationship with therapy is less passive and far more personal.

The session begins as planned, with Benjamin’s therapist going through the motions: “He said, / ‘Take a seat over there, on the chair by the couch / Tell me what you’ve been thinkin’ about.’” Once Benjamin begins to lay down his issues, the therapist is taken aback, quickly changing his stance: “He said, / ‘I’ll you what, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can be of any help / Think I need help now,’ is what he said to me.” The therapist finds himself a therapist, who, in turn, repeats the sentiments from the chorus. Benjamin has caused the professionals to spiral.

Produced by Jordi Peleg, the track leans into Benjamin’s bold, expansive storytelling. A meeting of poetry and free-flow speech, Benjamin fully commits to the elements of hip-hop he has dipped his toe into in previous work. He delivers the verses in a vocal fry-laden rap-sung tone, down in his baritone, before flipping up to his signature alto-like mix in the chorus, his wide, bright tone counteracting the skittering trap-like instrumental underneath him. As he flips between the two cadences and tones, the production surges into, or at least an attempt of, Starboy levels of erotic darkness. It takes elements from the vibe of a Weeknd song like “Six Feet Under” and, because Benjamin himself is simply not capable of encapsulating that level of mystique and sultriness, he allows the instrumental to set the scene.

While the tune surely adds to his repertoire and layers as a creative, he is simultaneously playing off his reality as he navigates his mental health journey. “I Sent My Therapist…” is not a simple fabrication of a concept, but rather an honest and admirable approach to communicate to his audience that this complicated facet of everyday life is never linear and that he too knows how it feels.

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