AJ Mitchell – Passionate

AJ Mitchell is back and fans couldn’t be more thrilled. Released on December 15th, “Passionate” serves as the first single from his album, AFATECS (As Far As The Eye Can See). The song, like its name, is about a love that’s so special you’d do anything to keep it.

“This is the first time I’m so passionate / All these good times weren’t by accident,” he sings, promising, “Girl, you’re my focus where my passion is / And I can’t pass on this for anything.” 

I can’t say that fans aren’t celebrating this song for a reason, because it’s catchy and interesting and the lyrics are deeply touching. But the tempo of the song, while matching the song’s message, doesn’t exactly match certain elements of the song. It’s like the song is begging to be dance music, but it’s too slow to safely reach that space.

I want you now and later then forever / Paradise is when we get together/Little love of mine, little love of mine,” he sings in the chorus, which is heavily influenced by EDM elements.

He co-wrote the pop song with Daniel Hackett, and it serves as a perfect opening to an album that might well turn out to be as “passionate” as its lead single.

“The past two years I took myself on a journey to find the fire in life again. I explored the world, moved to New York City, fell in and out of love, made decisions simply for the pleasure of tasting life and all it has to offer, for better or worse,” he said of the work he had to put in to get himself to that mindset that will help him to creatively make this album.

“It was important to me to rediscover my passion for my music and for what I wanted to express as an artist. ‘Passionate’ is the perfect introduction to my new album and the next stage of my music because it was one of the first songs on this project my producer and I wrote to jump start the entire thing. I am truly proud of this song and excited to share it with my fans.”

Mitchell heavily promoted the single on his social media channels, with teasers and fun posts. One of those early teasers saw him listening to the song at the studio. He captioned the clip, “Listening back to “Passionate” to make sure it’s ready for release next Friday ;).“