Zara Larsson – Memory Lane

Get your holiday spirit on because Zara Larsson will be gracing us with a holiday-themed EP, Honor the Light, that will be more than just about the season. The latest single and the opening track to the EP, “Memory Lane” tells us to thank ourselves for becoming the person we are today despite the trials and temptations that occasionally pop up along the way.

The song is about being reflective of the highs and lows of our journey so far and appreciating the bad times just as much as we do the good ones. You may not relate to every single experience that she sings about in “Memory Lane” – “Mama cried, “Little daughter” / Disappointed when she caught her / Sneakin’ out the window pane / End up at someone’s party / Got too drunk and fucked somebody / Didn’t even know his name” – but the overall message is one that I believe will speak to many people.

This song is a rare departure from the dance-pop Larsson is known for and into the serious and mentally challenging aspects of life. “Memory Lane” is a love song, although it’s just not that kind of love song. “So I walk myself down memory lane / I still hold on to all the joy and the pain / So I sing a little louder, get carried away / And I thank myself for who I became,” she sings in the chorus, a harmony of voices giving the part a kind of “pay attention to these lines” vibe.

Elsewhere, she sings about trying to make sense of reality, enough to know who she should and shouldn’t trust. She also wishes the friends she’s no longer in contact with a good life, even as she tries to forge hers. The song basically went from telling us about the mistakes she made during her younger years to explaining how the more mature version of herself wants to protect her joy. Fingers are crossed that it’ll have an accompanying music video because this song is just THAT good.

Released on 24th November, the single precedes the full EP of six tracks set to drop this coming Friday. The EP includes the holiday-themed tracks “Winter Song” and “Silent Night” and two others that will be in a different language.

Larsson also revealed that her album Venus will be dropping on February 9th, and it will be accompanied by a spring UK and European headline tour. The tour will feature stops in Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Berlin and will extend as far as Prague, Warsaw and Vienna.