Photo: Payne Design

Talia Mar – Bored

When it comes to a woman who sings her mind, Talia Mar comes out on top and her latest single, “Bored,” proves just how much she can combine sassy energy with an upbeat melody. If you ask her, she’ll tell you she’s taking you back to the 2000’s pop feel, and we all know that that’s a good time to be in.

In “Bored,” Mar tells her partner that she’s rapidly losing interest in him and in their relationship and advises him to up his game. “You’re on your last life, I fooled myself twice / Maybe you love the sound of your stupid voice / Hint dropping all night, I’m losing my mind,” she sings, going on to add that she can’t believe she has to be the one to tell him that she’s bored. “Better step it up, I’m bored / ‘Cause I need a little more / And you’re losing my attention, now I’m not so sure,” she sings in the anthemic chorus that touches on themes of self-worth, confidence, and fearlessness to address issues affecting oneself.

Spotting her signature monochrome hairstyle, the singer dances her frustrations out in the music video surrounded by male dancers dressed in white. The Samuel Douek-directed visuals also see her doing choreographed moves to match the fierce energy of the song.

Speaking on the single, she says, “Bored has that 2000’s pop feel that I’ve really wanted to bring back for a while. I grew up listening to the Britney’s and Christina’s and I just fell in love with that era of music. I think we really captured those big synths and crazy beats that were so iconic back then.”

Mar penned the song with Duck Blackwell, Bill Maybury, and Wayne Hector, with Stuart Hawkes and Blackwell producing the track. The audacious single follows “Forget About Your Ex,” a cheeky song about how she’s enough to make any love interest forget about any lingering feelings they may still have for their ex. Both singles are set to be featured on her still untitled second studio album.

Since releasing “Self-Portrait,” Mar has accumulated a fairly big fan base known as the Martians. Her videos on YouTube have racked up over a hundred million views, and she has managed to gain one million subscribers on the platform.

Apart from being a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter, she also owns an online clothing retailer, which she launched in 2018, and she’s a YouTube and TikTok creator. But 2024 may prove to be the year Mar secures her place as one of pop’s biggest contenders. Already, 2023 is starting to feel the waves she’s making.