Renée Rapp – I Do

If the songs on Snow Angel weren’t enough to satisfy your taste for Renée Rapp’s music, the deluxe version will at least alleviate that. Among the brand new songs we got on this deluxe version is a love song, “I Do,” that will make you feel something, even if you can’t quite understand what that feeling is. I’m still trying to figure out whether I felt joy at the amount of love I found in its lines or pain because there’s no promise this love will last forever.

“I Do” is about loving someone in a deeper and more meaningful way than they do for you. It’s about harboring a sense of insecurity that one day that person will up and find their soulmate while still remaining yours. And this message is beautifully delivered with minimal instrumentals and Rapp’s vocals floating over it.

“I leave a key in my mailbox just for you / So you don’t call when you’re coming over, you just do,” she sings in the first verse, before going on to describe her fears. “You don’t see us like I do / You don’t see us from my view / It’s like we’re both looking up, and I’m under a storm / And you’re seeing sky-blue.”

The part that’s especially emotionally stirring is when she sings, “When we’re saying, “I love you” / I mean it different than you do / Terrified I always will evеn after the day / You look at somebody еlse and you say, “I do”.”

“I Do” is written by Rapp and Pop Wansel and produced by Pop Wansel, Alexander 23, The Monsters & Strangerz, and Germanò. It appears as the 14th track on the deluxe version. Rapp may have started her career as an actress, but she is nailing it as a singer-songwriter, so much so that she’s been often told to focus on music.

Released on August 18, through Interscope Records, Snow Angel produced the hit singles “Talk Too Much,” and “Pretty Girls.” Speaking on her writing process for the album, the singer previously revealed that she “spent 4 months writing nearly every day” and drew from her past traumatic experiences.

Prior to the release of Snow Angel, Rapp released her debut EP Everything to Everyone in 2022 and revealed that music was her true passion. Throughout the production of the album, she worked with producers Alexander 23 and Pop Wansel, both of whom she said she learned a lot from. Snow Angel was a critically acclaimed project and fans are already loving the songs on the deluxe version.

Rapp literally can’t go wrong.