Paloma Faith – Bad Woman

Paloma Faith is back with new music, this time in the form of a single called “Bad Woman.” The single follows the release of the song “How You Leave a Man,” and both songs precede The Glorification of Sadness, Faith’s upcoming album. The Glorification of Sadness is expected to be a breakup album, and “Bad Woman” focuses on a type of female empowerment that emerges following a lost relationship.

A powerful track, “Bad Woman” opens with what sounds like a chorus of women singing “I’m a bad woman,” showcasing Faith’s trademark sound of combining pop with gospel and soul elements. Faith continues to sing over a dark and reverberated percussion beat, and in each chorus, the production grows alongside Faith’s voice and background vocals.

In the song’s bridge, the music fades and Faith falls into her soprano range, singing “So easy to blame me / But no one’s flawless / I hope you find perfection / But I know that’ll never be me.”

When the bridge transforms into the song’s final chorus, the production shifts from a pop track to a gospel one, giving the song a true anthem feel. Using a vocal ensemble to sing the chorus of “Bad Woman” with Faith drives home the point that the song is for any listener looking to be empowered.

Lyrically, “Bad Woman” contains multiple references to perfection, Faith embraces things about herself that a partner once viewed as imperfection. In the overarching theme of the song, the singer embraces being referenced as “bad,” turning a negative connotation into a positive one.

I’m not a good girl, I’m a bad woman / I’m not a good girl (Ah, ah), I’m a bad woman / And you painted me this way / Then act surprised when I changed / I’m not a good girl,  I’m a bad woman,” Faith sings in the chorus of “Bad Woman.”

“Bad Woman” does not have an official music video, but Faith did release a visualizer to accompany the single. In the visualizer, Faith walks down a dimly lit fluorescent hallway while wearing an all-black ensemble. The simplicity of the video keeps the focus on Faith, her musical talent, and the central message of “Bad Woman” while still effectively matching the tone of the song.

Faith’s album The Glorification of Sadness is expected to be released in 2024. If “Bad Woman” is any indication, the album will explore a myriad of emotions that occur after a breakup in a way that showcases Faith’s creativity and unique voice.