P1Harmony – Fall In Love Again

In this day and age, the hearts of many are guarded due to previous heartbreak and the trepidations and concealment that come with modern dating, and P1Harmony is on a mission to get the world to give love another shot with their latest single, “Fall In Love Again.” 

Fully recorded outside of South Korea, the song’s laidback melody, simplistic drums made for easy listening, and lyrics combine to compel one to “Take a chance… don’t hold back” with the promise of falling in love again. On the topic of love, leader Keeho notes, “Love is a very hard thing… I feel like a lot of people can’t open up and let their barriers down for people or things when they need to! This song reassures the idea that falling in love is okay, and not something to be afraid of.” 

With much of the chorus and bridge being  sung entirely in English in lightly toned vocals from Keeho, Theo, Jiung and Soul, rappers of the group, Jongseob & Intak, cut through with their self composed lyrics in their native tongue of Korean reminding us that love can be as easy as eating Italian and forgetting all of your worries as you dance through the night together. In all it’s layers, the group has created the perfect song for.

When it comes to the single’s visuals, P1Harmony shows off their matchmaking skills and diner vibes. “The concept of Love Manipulation Team was like helping a friend to get into a relationship,” Jongseob exclusively tells EUPHORIA. Under the guise of the Love Manipulation Team, the group works together to make love happen. “I think it is the first music video that we have tried as P1Harmony. The vibes were totally different from previous ones, so that part was attractive and the character dolls were so cute,” Theo adds, explaining how this music video differs from their previous ones. 

Staying true to their playful nature and conglomerate background, P1Harmony delivers once again showing us that their already successful three years in the game were just a warm up for what’s to come.