OMEGA X – Junk Food

OMEGA X is back with “Junk Food,” the lead single from their new EP IYKYK. Both the album and single were released on November 7. The new music marks OMEGA X’s first album in over a year and the band’s first project since joining IPQ Entertainment.

According to a press release, the K-pop group “aims to reach ‘freedom’ away from the public eye and share their true selves” with IYKYK, and Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, and Yechan each helped make the songs on the five-song tracklist. Junghoon, Hangyeom, Xen, Jaehan, and Yechan all participated in writing lyrics for the song “Junk Food.”

A hip-hop track, “Junk Food” features a catchy and repetitive beat, which plays on the addictive nature of stereotypical junk food. With 11 members, there is always the risk that a song like “Junk Food” could feel overwhelming, but the IYKYK title track balances the members’ talent without sacrificing song length or cohesiveness.

While the song’s verses and chorus showcase the addictive production of “Junk Food,” the song’s highlight is the pre-chorus, where the members’ vocals build anticipation and act as a perfect segue to a subdued but hooking chorus.

Lyrically, the members of OMEGA X compare themselves to how irresistible junk food can be. It’s up to listeners whether they want to interpret the lyrics as more subversive and romantic, or as the K-pop group commenting on their determination to keep making music for their fan base, FOR X.

You can’t escape it, it’s me, taste it / A desire that’s about to burst / I can’t stop it / Hit me more times / It’s not good enough, not enough, not enough / You can’t escape it, it’s me, taste it / Like you’re possessed / My stare your way, liar, but you’re drawn to me / Yeah, you know that I wanted for real / Hey what you’re looking for, there’s nothing what I got / I’m what you’re looking for, tell me you’re looking for me,” the group sings before the chorus of “Junk Food” according to an English translation.

The music video for “Junk Food” shows OMEGA X in a truck yard surrounded by trucking trailers. During the chorus of “Junk Food,” the wall of a trailer is ripped away as a truck drives, revealing the members of OMEGA X dancing. Toward the end of the music video, the group is surrounded by small vintage TVs before the backdrop transforms into colorful digital displays.

OMEGA X’s name is a combination of the Greek letter Omega (Ω), which symbolizes the end, and the letter X which represents infinite possibilities. When the band initially formed in 2021, there was no telling how prophetic the group’s name would become.

On the surface, “Junk Food” is a fun song that shows off the K-pop group’s talent, but the single also represents another new beginning for OMEGA X and the members’ unwavering determination to keep performing together.