Nina Nesbitt – Christmas Time Again

Stop what you’re doing right now – Nina Nesbitt just released the most relatable Christmas song ever — “Christmas Time Again.” It finely blends the fun, stress, love, and sweet recollections of the season in one song. This song isn’t about the trip back home for Christmas or even the desire to go home, it’s about what you meet once you’re back home surrounded by all your loved ones.

You’re on the road / It’s starting to snow / They’re playing “Driving Home For Christmas” on the radio,” she sings in the first verse, going on to describe what it feels like to arrive at the house and hear the laughter drifting out from inside.

Written entirely by Nesbitt, the song explores the ordinary things that happen at Christmas and why they’re always so extraordinary. According to the “Best You Had” singer, if you love “Christmas, dogs, awkward conversations with relatives or family friends, a love of wine, garden reindeer, small towns, ceiling stars, and carol singing,” you should listen to “Christmas Time Again.” And no, she’s not joking about the awkward conversations because Melanie is going to grill you about your life.

It’s especially relatable to me when she sings, “God I miss this town now I’m older / When I was young all I wanted was to disappear / And later on, we could hit the high street / Counting all the old faces that we meet / While the kids are playing hide and seek / All night long.” It’s easier for us to miss things we once took for granted when we’re older.

The accompanying visuals sweetly show Nesbitt having a blast with close friends at a Christmas party. The video’s production switches from professional shooting to the sort of home videos we make on our phones. Speaking on the video, she shared, “I know it’s early but my Christmas spirit is high lol. Got steamin with my mates & shot a music video – goes up at 10am tomorrow. Still got the fear from it. Stay out 2.0 some might say.”

Nesbitt’s signature airy voice makes this song that much special. A week prior to its release, she teased it with a short clip that sees her wearing a black hoodie and a Christmas decoration around her neck.

Even as we get ready to round out this year in a grand way, and thanks to Nesbitt we now have the perfect soundtrack for it, she also promised fans that more music is coming next year.