Mimi Webb – Back Home For Christmas

Christmas is coming early with Mimi Webb’s “Back Home For Christmas.” As a true Christmas lover right down to the bones in my body, I can’t help but love it when new original Christmas songs make it into the world, especially since I start blasting Christmas songs as early as November. I’ve gone through Ally Brooke’s “Under the Tree” and even less Christmassy ones like Lauren Spencer Smith’s “Broke Christmas,” so you can tell I’m all ready for this. In whatever form they come in, if it’s Christmas, I’m likely listening and Mimi Webb’s “Back Home For Christmas” really hit the spot with its idea of spending the holidays with a loved one.

To be honest, a lot of Christmas songs address this topic of wanting a loved one home for Christmas, for example, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and Ava Max’s “Christmas Without You,” so it’s really about how you approach the song. For Webb, it’s about not wanting to spend another Christmas opening gifts alone. And she brings this to life by referencing some popular Christmas figures like Santa and Mistletoe.

Just like that, first of December / Countin’ down till we’re together / Only one thing on my wish list / Bring my love back home for Christmas / Mistletoe makin’ me lonely / Santa Claus just can’t console me / Only one thing that I’m missin’ / Bring my lovе back home for Christmas,” she sings in the chorus. The second verse sees her confess that she doesn’t “want a Christmas Eve for one.”

Several fans were so appreciative of the song and its message that some of them proclaimed it to be their best new Christmas song. Naturally, when Webb thinks of Christmas, family is the first thing that comes to her mind so it’s not a wonder that she would sing about not wanting to be lonely on Christmas.

Speaking to the Metro in December last year, Webb said of her Christmas intentions: “Probably health and happiness for my family, genuine happiness and just feeling at home. You know, that lovely feeling of Christmas? I mean, I could ask for a lovely car but I probably would go with just something quite sweet for the family.”

The cover picture for “Back Home For Christmas” sees Webb rocking a short red and long-sleeved top. She teased the song, which she wrote with Ben Kohn, Mike Needle, Pete Kelleher, LOSTBOY, Plested, and Tom Branes, two days before release on all her socials, writing: “Wow Christmas tree season is about to kick offfff.”