Kid Cudi – AT THE PARTY (feat. Pharrell Williams & Travis Scott)

Kid Cudi is one of those polymaths who has no real off switch and we can only hope he never develops one. Actor, producer, musician, and none of it feels like a side hustle, rather he’s just one of those creatives who loves all of his art while also being insanely talented at whatever he attempts. “AT THE PARTY” is the latest single from Cudi’s upcoming album INSANO, set for release in 2024 which is also rumored to be his last album before retiring from music altogether. The single is a moody and cinematic house party track, which features longtime Kid Cudi collaborator Travis Scott. Pharrell Williams also features on the track, though it’s a departure from his usual funk style. 

Cudi’s party music is so catchy in part because Cudi is the ultimate party boy. From dancing on the stage at Coachella to MGMT’s “Electric Feel” to starring as a porn director in X, he is truly an artist who does not give a fuck about anyone else’s judgment. And that is to his credit because every time he comes out with a new track, it’s something fresh and fun. Cudi also has a talent for mixing personal lyricism Into his tracks. “AT THE PARTY” is more laid back in this way but no less fantastic. 

Cudi had been hinting at an upcoming collaboration with Travis Scott which was ultimately scrapped so Scott’s addition to the song is fitting and adds a hint of badassery to the music that both elevates and bulks up the track. Williams’ hand in the production is also visible in the addition of the razor-sharp synth beats. 

Cudi manages to drop in mentions of his fashion line as well as the late designer Virgil Abloh into his lyrics, while Scott name drops Vivienne Westwood and cactus spiked tequila. The lyrics are still clever and the nods to Cudi’s projects outside of music make it likely that this very well might be his final album. From this track as well as previously released singles such as “PORSCHE TOPLESS” and “ILL WHAT I BLEED,” INSANO promises to be everything that fans have been waiting for. A harsh, daring, and immediately iconic album featuring a series of producers that Cudi has been vocally excited to work with, which Williams is certainly one. “AT THE PARTY” is another line of success for Cudi.