Jungkook – Standing Next To You

Who better to give us some Michael Jackson moves than a member of BTS, the global boy band that can do and undo when it comes to perfectly choreographed dance moves? The answer is nobody else but a member of said band. There’s a reason K-pop has become a global genre, and if it isn’t entirely because their songs are upbeat, dance-worthy, and happy – and God knows we need them in times like this – it’s because their choreography makes you keep hitting replay that one more time.

In “Standing Next To You,” Jungkook sings about finding the perfect match that he’s ready to fight the world to be with. “Screamin’, I testify that / We’ll survive the test of time / They can’t deny our love / They can’t divide us / We’ll survive the test of time / I swear that I’ll be right here,” he promises in the chorus.

The song, which marks his second collaboration with American singer-songwriter Andrew Watt and Canadian record producer Cirkut, was originally announced on October 15 as the fourth and “focus” track of his debut album Golden.

One of the reasons fans love this, apart from its glorious “us against the world” message, is due to its dramatic instrumentation that combines jazz-funk and disco-pop. It’s got a grand message and a bold beat to match.

The accompanying Tanu Muino-directed visuals see Jungkook perform onstage in a “Smooth Criminal” inspired kind of way. He is joined onstage by other men in suits, and towards the end, a group of men starts fighting near the stage, but none of the dancers are perturbed as they keep on with the suave choreography. His love interest – played by Ukrainian model Pasha Harulia – watches them as they break down moves onstage. We’re at different times shown white limos standing around the entrance of a club we can only assume is the one Jungkook and his mysterious dance buddies are performing in. If I’m to put two and two together, I’ll say the unruly gentlemen stepped out of the limos.

Since the release of the music video, fans have spotted what they claim to be references to his BTS past. At the time of this writing, the “Standing Next To You” video has amassed over 20 million views on YouTube and trending at number three for music videos worldwide.

The album, Golden, will contain ten original tracks and a clean version of his chart-topping hit “Seven.” Apart from working on his personal projects, Jungkook recently teamed up with British rapper Central Cee to appear on the single, “Too Much,” by American singer The Kid LAROI. Jungkook also appeared in the vignette-inspired music video for the single.