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Jack Harlow – Lovin’ On Me

Originally teased on October 23 with a snippet shared on TikTok, which quickly went viral, “Lovin On Me” is said to mark a “new era” in Jack Harlow’s career. The song’s announcement coincided with the news that he will embark on “No Place Like Home,” a six-city tour exclusive to his home state of Kentucky.

“Lovin On Me” is Jack Harlow repurposing an old song and giving it a new lease on life. And by an old song I mean the 1995 R&B song “Whatever (Bass Solique)” by Cadillac Dale.

I’m vanilla, baby (I don’t like no whips and chains and you can’t tie me down) / I’ll choke you, but I ain’t no killer, baby / She twenty-eight, tellin’ me I’m still a baby,” he raps in the song’s chorus, which samples the famous R&B song. In the song, Harlow sings to his lover, depicting himself as someone who is trustworthy and promising that any news that says otherwise is clearly a lie. “Don’t know what you heard or what you thought about your boy / But they lied about your boy, goin’ dumb and it’s somethin’ idiotic about your boy,” he raps.

The song’s virality on TikTok is so understandable because of its catchy and upbeat nature. The beat was also another aspect of the song that received lots of praise, and his rapping over some lines helped make the flow of the song that much more irresistible.

The accompanying Aidan Cullen-directed visuals see Harlow and a bunch of other people just having fun and dancing along to the song. Harlow sometimes sports New Balance sweatpants and a mullet while dancing against multicolored backgrounds. In different scenes, he is seen cuddling a furry little chocolate puppy.

Prior to the release of “Lovin On Me,” Harlow shared: “Thank u for allowing me to reset this year. I moved back to Kentucky and gave u an album I could not have made on the road. Surrounded by family & childhood friends this has been one of the happiest years of my life. But now…a new era begins.”

This could possibly mean that Harlow, who made his acting debut in 2023’s White Men Can’t Jump, is gearing up to release his fourth studio album, with “Lovin On Me” being the potential lead single. The single follows “3D,” a song he performed with BTS’ Jung Kook. Following his acclaimed lead in White Men Can’t Jump, Harlow joined Casey Affleck and Matt Damon in the AppleTV+ film The Instigators.