Eliza Rose & Calvin Harris – Body Moving

Eliza Rose and Calvin Harris have teamed up for a collaboration, resulting in the infectious “Body Moving.” Released on November 17, “Body Moving” combines both artists’ signature styles into a unique house music track that is reminiscent of club and disco music from the 1980s with a modern twist.

The song captures listeners’ attention from the moment it begins, with Rose singing “Oh, the beat in my body is lookin’ to groove / Wanna get down, yeah, I’m lookin’ to move / The beat in my body marches to a groove / Wanna get down, yeah, I’m lookin’ to move” over a repetitive clapping sound.

As the first verse continues, more instrumentals come into play, adding to the propulsive and repetitive beat of “Body Moving.” Rose’s voice softens, allowing the song’s production to briefly take center stage until the first chorus. In those few seconds, it is clear that every instrument in the song’s production was chosen with care, and the alternating disco beat and heavier bassline refuse to let listeners’ attention wander.

By the time the song reaches the chorus, Rose’s vocals and the production equalize and work to hook listeners together. The most clever part of “Body Moving” then arrives during the song’s chorus and post-chorus.

In the chorus, Rose sings, “When the lights go down / Moon goes up and the music sounds  / Oh, I love it when the lights go down / Bodies movin’ like no one’s around / Oh, I love it when the.” Instead of singing “lights go down” to end the chorus, a horn plays in the lyrics’ place, matching the notes of what Rose would have sung.

This pattern continues in the post-chorus as Rose sings, “Moon goes up” followed by horns, “Oh, I love it when the” before horns play the notes of “lights go down,” and “Bodies movin’ like no” followed by three more horn notes.

“Body Moving” has a short run time, coming in at less than three minutes long. While there is always the temptation to wish for catchy songs to be longer, “Body Moving” being on the shorter side is a wise choice and keeps the song’s repetitive catchiness from feeling overplayed.

So far, there is no music video for “Body Moving,” but with the song’s disco vibes, it is easy to imagine what a music video for the song starring Rose on the dance floor could look like.

All in all, “Body Moving” is a catchy dance track that showcases the musical adaptability and creativity of Rose and Harris. Hopefully, the “Body Moving” collaboration is not a one-off and the two artists team up again in the future.