Dua Lipa – Houdini

Dua Lipa is the Queen of illusions in her latest single, “Houdini.” Released on October 10, the disco-leaning electronic pop song serves as the first single from Lipa’s upcoming third studio album. So finally, a new era is upon us, and if we know Lipa at all, it’ll be more fun and as different from her last one Future Nostalgia as different gets. I mean, the girl cleans out her Instagram page every time she enters a new era. This one, so far, already has a lot of sexy fun, and careless energy. And did you ever picture Lipa with red hair? Yeah, that’s “Houdini” for you.

I come and I go / Tell me all the ways you need me / I’m not here for long / Catch me or I go Houdini,” Lipa sings in the upbeat track that, from the very first beat, beguiles you to shake it up and down. The song celebrates the idea of a woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t sticking around for less. The message is brought to life with bold and experimental beats, twinkly synth, and Lipa’s vocals. While I wouldn’t exactly call the song “catchy,” I’d definitely say that the hooks seem like they would go on forever, and that’s a strong start to a new era if I ever saw one.

Lipa first teased the coming of the new era on October 27 when she deleted all her Instagram posts and shared one that said, “catch me or I go.” Two days later, she deleted the post and replaced it with a video of herself with a key inside her mouth, while a snippet of the song played in the background. She captioned the post, “I’m not here for long.”

Describing the song via Apple Music, Lipa said, ““Houdini” embodies the energy of a good night out. This was the first track I wrote about that fun and freeing time of being single. The lyrics are a bit cheeky, but there is a real underlying message of understanding yourself deeply and having no guilt about knowing your self-worth. Sometimes you just have to pull a Houdini and leave a situation that’s no longer serving you.”

The accompanying music video serves to remind fans that Lipa is indeed the “Dancing Queen.” Borrowing elements from her “Physical” video, the star created illusions with the help of mirrors and good old-quality shooting and editing.

Lipa and her team were really creative with the roll-out strategy, as the singer made the news when she visited the BBC and picked a random passerby to be the song’s first listener.

Where “New Rules” is Lipa wanting to get over an ex and “Don’t Start Now” a song about how she’s out dancing after getting over an ex, “Houdini” introduces us to an independent woman who won’t compromise with her happiness. It may have taken six years, but the Trinity is complete.