Conan Gray – Killing Me

Conan Gray is a tortured lover stuck between wanting his partner to take a hike or give him some of the love he deserves. Gray is known for incorporating strong beats in his songs and not even the painful nature of his new single — “Killing Me” — subject was enough to keep him from doing so. The song is catchy, and with Gray showing off on the harmony scale, it’s exactly the kind of song to dance-cry to.

“Killing Me” marks the singer’s third release of the year, after “Winner” and “Never Ending Song,” and while its subject nearly echoes that of 2021’s “Telepath,” it doesn’t employ that same masochist energy.

But the thing is, we haven’t spoken for weeks / I love you bad, that’s the problem occurrin’ / Better love I deserve, and I’m hurtin’,” he moans in the opening verse. Despite all this, he goes on to sing, “But sadly, I worship every moment we meet.” So I guess he’s in the stickiest situation there is because he knows he’s being used for a fool; he wants to do something about it, but every time he succumbs and lets the person back into his life. “Now you’re tossin’ a rock at my windowpane / Said, “I don’t wanna talk, just go away” / But you claw at the locks ’til I let you invade.” There are moments when he wishes they would just stop with the lying, cheating, deceiving, and competing and see “how lucky you are.”

Speaking on the song via a press release, he said: “I wrote ‘killing me’ while I was sick with the flu. It was a miserable time where I was both physically sick, but also super heartbroken over somebody. Hence, ‘you’re KILLING me.’ I think we all have those people who don’t treat us nearly well enough, but we just can’t seem to let them go. People who call you at 2AM, and who you know you shouldn’t pick up……but you do. ‘Killing Me’ is for when you’re on your last limb begging this person to just please stop torturing your heart.”

On September 28, Gray shared a snippet of the song on his alternate TikTok account. Using the snippet, he shared teasers across his social media channels to get fans to keep pre-saving the track. On October 13, he announced the release date as October 31. However, the single was originally supposed to be accompanied by a music video, but due to the singer having an urgent tonsillectomy, it was canceled.

Similar to the roll-out of “Winner” and “Never Ending Song,” promotional posters for the song were erected across several cities.