Carpark – Suburbs of Hell

Carpark, made up of Hattie, Scottie and Loda, are back with their brand new single,  “Suburbs of Hell.” Transporting listeners to what could be the soundtrack of a 2000s coming of age movie, Carpark brings the energy, relatability factor and nostalgic feel to their music. Gaining much deserved attention from BBC Radio 1’s Nels Hylton and Jack Saunders, it is clear to see why Carpark are a band that many people have taken an interest in. 

With a catchy chorus, sugar sweet vocals and the grungy undertone, Carpark knows what it takes to create a signature track and not be predictable with whatever they deliver. That’s what sets them apart in this ever changing scene. The relationship that all three members have with each other, both through their live performances and on record works perfectly to create a song like “Suburbs of Hell.”

Produced by Spaceman, who produced music for artists including Dua Lipa and Dermot Kennedy, it is hard for emotion not to shine through in the creative process. Carpark are rewriting the rules and continue to bring a refreshing vibe to the scene. According to the band, the meaning behind “Suburbs Of Hell” is, A dark parallel reality brought to life, it’s about the anger and frustration of being trapped in the inner city of hell but aspiring to live out in the suburbs and sunbathe with the devil in your back garden.” This is something that many people may be able to resonate to, as well as the band’s authentic character and style.

The production of the track allows each element to stand out and have its own moment. “Suburbs of Hell” fits in perfectly amongst the band discography. The signature sound of Carpark always shines through, as well as being able to switch things up which makes things exciting for every release. This year saw the band play festivals including Barn On The Farm and 2000 Trees, where they played the track live for the first time. Quickly capturing the attention of the crowd, this is well translated on the record.

Encapsulating their style and culture in their songs, this doesn’t go unnoticed. It shines through and as always, it feels authentic. 2022 saw Carpark drop their five track debut EP which received high praises and rightly so. This gave people an insight into the trio and what they are here to deliver. “Suburbs of Hell” does the same. Showcasing infectious riffs and strong drum beats, the track is a reminder of living in the real world and knowing exactly where you want to be, as well as recognising that there can be obstacles in the way to overcome.

In this ever so changing industry, staying authentic and releasing music that resonates with the audience is one but major step to gaining the right sort of fans and being seen in a positive light. This is what Hattie, Loda and Scottie do best and will surely continue to do throughout their career. If “Suburbs of Hell” is anything to go by, especially with the release of their highly- anticipated EP, Carpark are ready to kick off 2024 the right way.