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Caity Baser – I Love Making Bad Boys Cry

Caity Baser has a specific magnetism that no other artist has quite cracked yet. Since her hit “Pretty Boys” went viral on TikTok, the 21-year-old has skyrocketed up the charts and proved she was meant to be a pop star in every sense of the word. An all-around artist with a carefully curated image yet an open and honest vibe, Caity plays into the nostalgia for those who came before her in the early 2000s while crafting a discography uniquely her own. Her latest single, “I Love Making Bad Boys Cry,” is a further testament to these facts.

Baser is known for her light –almost comedic– but relatable lyrics and songs that beg not to be taken too seriously while simultaneously cementing themselves in your brain. Her place as a Gen Z icon has been built upon back-to-back feminist anthems. “I Love Making Bad Boys Cry” is no exception. The song’s bridge perfectly summarizes the track’s message: “Kiss and tell, waste their time / Steal their clothes and drink their wine / Breaking hearts but never mine / I love making bad boys cry.” Caity writes for the women who know their worth and those who need to be reminded. If her listeners are already brimming with self-confidence, she is there to cheer them on. But if they need a little more encouragement, her music is a gentle push into the spotlight.

This particular track was written by Caity and industry veterans Jamie Scott, Jack, and Mike Needle, who have collectively worked with Ed Sheeran, Ella Henderson, Little Mix, The Vamps, Niall Horan, Rita Ora and more. “I Love Making Bad Boys Cry” has a slight R&B spin that makes for a sonically pleasing listen. It begins gentle and beckoning in tone–a perfect parallel to the words Baser is singing–before transitioning into a more upbeat chorus that underscores her change in emotion once her target has been ensnared.

The song’s release coincided with the dual announcement of Caity’s forthcoming mixtape, Still Learning, due in early 2024, as well as a tour by the same name set to kick off shortly after. Fans who have already seen Baser in a live setting know that her shows are a bundle of infectious and chaotic energy. Like her music, they are a celebration of the freedom and fear that comes with being in your early 20s, a notion from which she has not shied away but instead faces head-on.

In conclusion, “I Love Making Bad Boys Cry” is one more song on a rapidly growing list that portrays Caity Baser as a woman who knows what she wants, gets what she wants, and won’t apologize for it. The bubbly and confident personality that pairs with this image in person forms the picture of a woman prepared to be the face of a generation. Luckily for her, Gen Z has welcomed her with open arms, hungry for her authenticity and the bubblegum pop songs that have become synonymous with her name.