AURORA – Your Blood

AURORA’s “Your Blood” will have you thinking about your mortality and what our existence even means – “This earth, whoever was it made for?” But most especially, it’ll make you understand that no matter the level of existential crisis you’re passing through, it’s not okay to quit.

Penned by AURORA and Chris Greatti, the song wants listeners to do some soul-searching and figure out what it means to be alive alongside billions of other human beings. The refrain is particularly striking as she asks, “Are you dust?” before confirming “You are dust.” I feel like that’s her way of telling us that we shouldn’t place too much worth on ourselves.

There are uplifting tidbits scattered throughout the songs, like when she sings “Just wait until tomorrow, it might not be as cold,” or “But I, I refusе to die / I refuse to die.” It also advises us to seek help whenever it feels like we’re drowning, in as much as it wants us to give help to those who aren’t okay. “And maybe if you called out for help / Then I could help you outrun yoursеlf / Come run again, we’ll run again,” she sings, her ethereal voice helping listeners to process the level of emotions in the lyrics.

Describing the song’s message via a press release, she said: “The world is always bleeding. And you never know what is going on under people’s skin. I think it’s only when we reach out to each other, that we understand what compassion and beauty we are capable of as human beings.”

She continued, adding: “Even if we can’t understand what people are going through: we should still try. If we don’t, what is a life truly worth? Sometimes addressing the pain, your own, or the pain of the world hurts so much it feels like dying. But in truth, I believe it is then we are born. Your blood. My blood. Our blood.”

Prior to the release of the song, AURORA took to social media to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and Palestine and call out Israel for its invasion of the country. “I’ve been feeling slightly torn about releasing new music, when there’s so much pain in the world./But with time I’ve decided there might be no better time to give you a little song… Than now,” she shared on social media on November 1.

And then she went on to release the song on November 8 and say “May we all be reborn again.”