Photo: Marcus Cooper

Allie X – Girl With No Face

Allie X is continuing to bring fans into her Girl With No Face era with the release of the album’s title track. The song tells the story of a girl who is confident and finds strength in her uniqueness. In the opening verse, she sings, “She’s never done, this is her funhouse / And she’s the one, but you’ll never find out / And look at you, you’re such a mess / You want more but you end up with less.”

Allie X is known for making music that does nothing to conform to standards or the norm, and this self-produced record seems to even do more of this than her previous songs. Layered with interesting instrumental, Allie X’s voice shines in the song, as she coos and drips and screeches her way through the song.

The song is accompanied by a visualizer that’s so good, that it might as well have been a music video. In the visualizer, Allie X, or rather her head covered up in a silky-thin material, sings along to the song, with her facial expressions helping to complement the song she’s singing in a way most music videos released these days don’t.

Allie X introduced the new era Girl With No Face with the release of her single, “Black Eye,” which her release describes as “an icy track that finds her attempting to create a truthful reflection of herself in a strange world.”

“I am thrilled to announce my new record Girl With No Face. This is the first self-produced album I’ve done, and at times, it felt like I wasn’t going to make it out alive, let alone send out a press release about it,” Allie X shares via a press release.

Speaking on the message the songs present, Allie X says, “It’s very hard to sum up a body of work you’ve spent thousands of hours on, but here’s an attempt. There is a death in this music, as well as the beginning of a rebirth. I needed to make something that came completely from me. If only once, and if only to prove to myself that I could do it. I would describe these songs as angry, stubborn, honest, dry, melodramatic, fast, and indulgent… the same way some people describe me ha. I hope everyone likes it but if not, try turning it up a bit.”

Due to drop on February 23rd, Girl With No Face serves as the follow-up record to 2020’s Cape God.